in Osaka trip, Japanese home meal cooking class - Experieat Osaka Flavors

Travel in December, 2017

A cooking class that has enriched the taste of Japan and experience of travel through home cooking

From long ago in Korea, Japanese home meal is in fashion. The food is healthy and well-balanced. And the shape of dishes in the bowl is also neat. I have also been interested in Japanese home meal before, but It was much easier for me to eat than to cook for myself. To be honest, I wanted to learn about the home meal of cities in each country. Home meal is not glamorous a. However, the food is simple and contains its culture. A home meal formula that includes the culture of a country, the culture of a city, and the culture of a family. Anyone can enjoy home meal with lots of sincerity and nutrition. There were Experieat Osaka Flavors, a Japanese home cooking class that scored a total of five points on the tripadvisor. The cooking class that people from all over the world had already participated in, I knocked on the door full of curiosity and excitement.

A lucky day when I had a 1:1 cooking class.

The teacher who runs the Experieat Osaka Flavors is Yucco. She and I decided to meet at the nearest subway station near her studio. My suitcase was RED! I thought it would be a good hint, and I guessed right. It was Yucco who first found me wandering around complicated Umeda subway station. Fortunately, I could attend cooking class by 1:1 on that day(Is it because it is weekday?) Moreover, I had a great conversation with Yucco. We found out that we love to talke about dogs, so it was the cooking class where the story were in full.