2019.01 - Gyeongju in S.Korea

The trip to Gyeongju was both fun and regrettable. Nevertheless, the glorious culture was the main factor that made the trip to Gyeongju enjoyable. In particular, Yangdong Village where I visited was beautiful just by its presence.

2019.02 - Tshushiam(Ishara) in Japan

A new ship came into service when it moved from Busan to the Izhara(in Tsushima). The name is Blue Tsushima. The scale is also the largest of its kind among ships going to Tsushima. As expected, the bigger the boat, the more comfortable it is.


2019.03 - Mariana Island in USA

The first stop on the South Pacific trip is Saipan. What does Saipan, the center of the Northern Marian Islands look like? What will my trip look like in Saipan with its beautiful sea and shining natural features?

2019.03 - Kyoto & Osaka in Japan

I traveled to Kyoto and Osaka with colorful cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms were calling many tourists to Japan. In particular, Kimono was worn during the trip. The colorful kimono and cherry blossoms were a well-matched combination.

2019.04 - Kyushu in Japan


This trip took advantage of JR Kyushu Rail Pass and the train conveniently. Japan has a well-developed transportation system, which makes it convenient to move and save money.

2019.04 - Hongkong & Macau


2019.05 - Kaoshung in Taiwan


2019.06 - Taipei in Taiwan


2019.06 - Seoul in S.Korea


2019.07 - Busan ↔Osaka Ferry Cruise

Panstar Cruise: Busan ↔ Osaka

2019.07 - Tongyeong in S.Korea

Tongyeong: Hotel/ Cable/ Luge

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2019.08 - Jeju Island in Kora

Jeju Island: Seoquipo city

2019.08 - Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia + Singapore

Kualalumpur: Sentral/Selangor

Singapore: Sentosa 

2019.09 - Samcheok city in S.Korea

Gangwan Province

2019.09 ~ 12 - Busan in S.Korea

Busan: Yeongdo, Gijang, Nampo, Choryang

Busan: Yeongdo, Gijang, Nampo, Choryang

2019.10 - Yangsan in S.Korea


2019.10 - Boracay in Philippines


2019.11 - Hongkong/ Macau



2019.11 - Baldivostok in Russia


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