1. As I am currently living in Korea, I can help you with the coverage of S.Korea.

  2. About 70 percent of Korean travelers find and utilize contents written only in Korean about 70% when they choose their destination and need travel information. If you would like to introduce your business(reveiw of Hotel/Guesthouse, citytour, ETC) to Korean, Don't hesitate to ask me. 

  3.  I do not write to lead to instantaneous traffic. I write long writings that is easy to read, and an article that is constantly exposed to Korean search engines after a long time. (EX, Hana's long writing style)

>> Hana Contents Lab  

I have made various travel contents so far based on my travel experience. Based on that, I established the company in January 2018 to make travel related contents that reflect my own view. It will publish a variety of travel contents, programs and e-books.

>> Representative works



NOTE : If too many messages are sent, I can not answer them on time. But I will do my best to reply.

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