Travel Plan for 2019

  1. MAR - Europe

  2. APR - Shanghai, Bali

  3. MAY -Shanghai 

  4. JUN - Abudhabi

  5. JUL - Moscow

  6. OCT - Eastern Europe

#1. WHO I AM

I am an Travel Editor. Starting my first overseas business trip in 2010, I have been traveling steadily so far. The place of travel was Korea and abroad. My initial journey was not much different from the one chosen by other ordinary travelers. I bought cheap tickets, I chose where I wanted to go, and I shopped. However, the more I trips, the more attractive the trip became. It was not hard to stay up all night preparing for the trip. Everything that prepared for the trip, and the process of remembering the trip, was interesting for me. That passion gave me good result in the contests related to travel. This has resulted in participation in incentive trip and collaboration with specific companies.


I quit my old job and have been working on travel since this year. Now my life is producing a lot of content through travel and making new profits again based on it. This has made it possible for me to lead my life entirely with the trip I enjoy. I also works as a freelancer with support from travel-related companies or tourism agencies. I study every day to enjoy traveling more wisely. I study every day so that traveling can lead our lives in a better way. My ultimate goal was to do the travel-related work I want anywhere. And I have now realized my final goal. I'm a very lucky person and at the same time I'm a person who's put a lot of effort into achieving it.

Many people call it digital nomad. There are still not many digital nomads related to travel in Korea. No, very few. I don't know if I stand in front of the area. But I hope my future life will be happy with anything that goes on with my travel. As part of that, I started operating my English blog since Dec, 2017. English is a difficult language for me. However I try to express my travel experience in English everyday using Eng-dictionary and translator. I hope my world will become more diverse and wide through my English Blog. 

  • NAME: Hana Yi

  • NICKNAME: Alice

  • NATIONALITY: Korea (Republic of)

  • LANGUAGES: Korean, English, Japanese


  • HOBBY: Reading Books, Playing the piano, TRIP 

  • Blog & Magazine over 8~90,000 views/month

  • Visitors count exceeded 1 million in two years

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Travel Blog (ver. KOR)

Starting in JUN 2012

Travel Webzine (ver. KOR)

Starting in Dec 2017




 1st winner at Contents Making of Unique Concept Tour by Modetour

Selected as the 3 final Hongkong Specialists of the Korean representative  by Hong Kong's Official Tourism


 1st winner in Story of travelling by Mirae Express


Selected as the final 35 Bloggers and 2nd winner of blog posting contest by Gimhae City Hall Tourism Division

Awarded top 50 Best Blogs in South Korea by Korean Blog Award.

1st winner in Healing route by Hanil Express

2nd winner of Travel Plan Competition in New Zealand by Korean Air


2nd winner for FIT Content Making of Siemreap by Air Busan

Selected as the finals 4 travellers of FIT Content Making by Jeju air

Awarded "POWER BLOGGER" of Best Daily Life blogger by TISTORY.COM

Awarded OPEN Editor by Daum


2nd winner for Royal Cabin Cruz DIY Your Own Travel Style Contest


2019.05 Certified as Tour Conductor by State Issued Technical License Certificate (Republic of Korea)

2019.01 Certified as California Star Sales Specialist by California Official Tourism

2018.09 Certified as Austrailia Specialist by Austrailian Official Tourism

2017.  11 Certified as Hongkong Specialist by Hongkong Official Tourism

 ※ Specialist by ___ Official Tourism =  an expert who has been formally trained by the official tourist office of each country

In addition, I participated in the creation of various contents.

2019 Contents Making with - A series of articles "Enjoy the Busan hotels" 

2019 Contents Making with Panstar - A regular route to Busan and Osaka.  SEE contents

2019 Contents Making with KKday - Products for Kyoto & Osaka/ Kyushu area  SEE contents


2018 HK Incentive trip as Hongkong Specialist by Hongkong Official Tourism

2018 Busan Incentive trip as Travel Blogger by Busan Bus Tour × Busan Official Tourism

2018 Nagoya Incentive trip as Korean Specialist in Travel by Namshinshu Tourism Offices


2017 Covering Andong(S.Korea) by Andong Cityhall + Traveleye Webzine  SEE contents

2016-17 Social reporter of Busanjingu by Busanjin-gu District Office

2016 Speical Reporter of Gyeongsang Province by Gyeongnam Webzine. 


2015 Contents Making with Airbnb - Staying Korean Traditional House, Hanok  SEE contents

2014 Gimhae Incentive trip as Travel Blogger by Gimhae City Hall Tourism Division

2013 Contents Making with Jejuair - Trip for Cebu  SEE contents

2013 Selected Naver Post Writer (Travel Field)

Let's take a TRIP

About ME


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