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It was my first overseas trip to China in 2010. That was my first departure. After that, I traveled to Europe for almost two months. At that time, my English skill was not good enough, and information related to overseas was not enough for me. But after two weeks of company with friends, the rest of the time traveled alone and learned about the new world. I felt very clearly the need for a foreign language through the trip to Europe, and I felt that the world was wide. And I have been traveling steadily since 2011. Whenever I have a chance, I have traveled even for a short period of time. Based on my long travel experience, I was able to see the trend of travel and began to accumulate information. I decided to express this experience in writing and photography. And it became my hobby for a long time, and now it has become my job. 

Travel has become my profession, but I am still curios about travel and study about it. Why? The world is so wide and there are so many places I haven't been!



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