2018.04 - Jindo in S. Korea

It is very far from Busan where I live to Jindo. But I had a pleasant trip with my family here. It was beautiful and interesting here.

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2018.04 - Seoul & DMZ tour in S. Korea

In Korea, you can tour the DMZ in some areas. Of course, there are many restricted areas, so you should apply for travel in advance. 

I toured the DMZ including Dora Observatory, Dorasan Station, and Third Tunnel.


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2018.05 - Gangjin City tour in S. Korea

GangJin is in Jeolla Province, Korea. It takes more than 4 hours from Busan to there by car. But the weather was nice, and I could meet a friendly radio booth in an unexpected place.

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2018.06 - Nagano Perfecture in Japan

Trip as Korean Specialist in Travel 

    invited by Namshinshu Tourism Offices

I traveled to Namshinshu in Nagano area. This place was cool even in the summer. I could enjoy seasonal food and various activities. Especially, I was very happy to study various trational Japanese hotel called Ryokan here.

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2018.07 - Busan in S.Korea

Trip as Korean Specialist in Travel 

    invited by Busan Tourism × Busan BusTour

Busan Cityhall is preparing for Modern Korean history culture and Heritage to be listed in UNESCO. It was a great trip to see the old Busan.

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2018.07 - Tsushima(Hitakats port) in Japan

I visited Tshshima from Busan by ferry. I liked the beautiful nature of Daema Island, and shopping at the mart was fun there.

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2018.08 - Hanoi, Halongbay, Danang, Hoian in Vietnam

The Vietnam I visited was a fascinating place. Prices there were low and people were very kind. I was impressed by the beautiful Halongbay and thank you for the passionate explanations of the kind college students. The staffs at my hotel had all beautiful smiles.

2018.10 - Hongkong 

Trip as Korean Specialist in Travel 

    invited by Hong Kong's Official Tourism

Through this trip, I could see the lives of local people in Hong Kong. Of course, it was a great luck to me that I could meet travel officials from all over the world and have a good time.

And even though it was a very short time, finding a place to enjoy a leisurely trip in Hong Kong was one of the things I enjoyed during my trip.


2018.12 - Beijing in China

I'm going to visit Beijing for the first time. I will face the history of China long ago and enjoy today's culture. So I am looking forward to this trip.

Let's take a TRIP

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