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May 13, 2019

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April 2019 Travel
I've noticed since last year that the Elekron Show is being held. I was very curious about it. Is it a show that surpasses Macau's most popular show, "House of Dancing Water"? What is it about? What amazement does it give the audience? I had a lot of questions, so the reason why I said I would travel to Macau this year was also aimed at watching the Elekron Show. after watching this show, It was a fun performance...

September 25, 2018

Travel in AUG, 2018

In Vietnam, I watched a total of three performances. If I add a performance that I didn't expect at Myson, I would have watched five performances. All the performances I saw were the most traditional Vietnamese performances and the most beautiful performances. Among them, I would like to review The Hoian Memories. It was a performance that showed the charm of Hoian, less known than Danang, which maximized the charm of Aozai, a traditional Vietnamese costume, and ma...

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