How to Enjoy Uji city trip (for a day): Traditional Tea House and a Modern trendy Cafes

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My trip in March 2019

Uji city is the sacred site of green tea. And you can find a unique travel theme, thanks to Green Tea like a cafe tour. There are pretty and trendy cafes a lot. In particular, you can enjoy contemporary and traditional sensibilities at the same time under the theme of "Matcha" here.

※ Matcha, Green Tea??!

Matcha(in Japanese) is the powder of green tea. It is difficult to take in 100% of the useful ingredients of tea leaves with after boiling but in the case of Matcha, which is the tea that has ground the leaves, You can take the useful ingredients 100%. A long time ago, Green tea leaves were ground into a millstone and drank in powder form, and now people use modernized mechanical methods.

Even without any information, you can buy green tea that is so pretty and good quality on the streets of Omotesando. And everywhere! ini  Omotesan