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Kyoto Travel, Pretty Kimono in beautiful Kyoto/ Kimono Rental Shop/ Kimono Selection Tips

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Travel in March 2019

The idea of going to Kyoto during the cherry blossom season was dominant to me, so I went on a trip to Kyoto. This time, I decided to try on the kimono. Hanbok(Korean traditional Costume) is a familiar thing I've seen since I was a kid(because I am Korean), but kimono was not. I have just seen them in Japanese movies and dramas a few times. Therefored I had no idea about kimono, so I prepared for the trip and googled it a lot. And I would like to take picture. It was only a few days before my departure that I could get a photographer to take a snapshot. Lucky......!

From what I've experienced, if it doesn't cost a lot of money, and if possible, I recommend you to rent a beautiful and colorful kimono. when you borrow a kimono, you don't have to feel price sensitive too much. Even if it costs a little more, it's better to choose something so pretty. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to choose the expensive one. Where can I get that attention? We don't have many times to wear kimono, so let's try the beautiful pretty thing on opportunity like this.

In addition, if you have a long hair, I recommend you pay more and also have your hair arranged with professional skill. Long hair doesn't match for kimono. A tidy and stylish up style suits kimono best. I went out in kimono, so many foreigners came up to me and asked me to take pictures with me. Maybe they thought I was Japanese. But many request like this was not once or twice. My photographer was even surprised by the many requests.

For your information, my photographer is a veteran, Jae-il Kim, who lives in Japan and works for a Japanese agency. What he said...

1. He said, "It's unusual when I'm shooting, and sometimes foreigners ask me if they can take a picture with my guest"

2. The photographer showed great satisfaction with my styling and asked me where I borrowed the kimono, the information about the kimono shop, and whether I did my hair and makeup myself.

Then let's summarize my kimono experience!

this pic from googmaps

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Kyoto Kamogawa Branch (near Kiyomizu Gōjō Station)

I visited Kyoto Kamogawa branch, which is close to Kiyomizu Gojō Station (one minute walk). That's why I chose this branch is the review of actual users. I was also expected to wear a kimono here, because everyone in the review said the kimonos there were pretty and the staff were kind.

I checked Googlemaps at Kiyomizu Gojo Station on Kaihan Line and found it was only a minute's walk from station. It said Kimono Rental Shop on the third floor of a building with a small mart on the first floor.

I was supposed to be there at 11 a.m. But, I got there at 11:15 because I got on the wrong train. Fortunately, the staff understood that I had arrived a little late. Tourists unfamiliar with Japanese trains system often arrive later than scheduled, it said. When I arrived, the store was really crowded. Those who are choosing kimonos. Even those who just left the store after all the arrangements were made. I took a pre-printed voucher and showed it to the counter staff, and the employee who checked my name gave me a bag to put my luggage in and told me the kind of kimono I could choose.

1. Choosing a Kimono

Depending on the type of reservation you have made in advance, the kimono you can choose will