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When traveling to Kansai in Japan, You need KIX-ITM CARD!

Reasons to Get a KIX-ITM Card

If you are traveling to Kansai region, I would strongly advise you to make KIX cards. You can collect points as many times as you visit Kansai International Airport with KIX cards. When I accumulate points with this card, I am not sure whether ItamI Airport is the same. Since the name of the card is KIX-ITM, I think I can accumulate points even when I arrive from ItamI Airport, but I'm not sure about this. Considering my travel patterns, I did not actively check this part if I could visit ItamI Airport.

Anyone can accumulate points with this card if they are scheduled to leave or arrive at Kansai International Airport, and You can get 10 points with each visit. KIX cards are not only good benefits for people who use Kansai International Airport many times. Just getting this card issued is a great benefit to you. You can get discounts or discounts at restaurants in Kansai airport by having a credit card, and you can get an additional 5 percent discount at duty-free shops by excluding certain items. https://papago.naver.comIt is quite useful to get a discount when using the lounge in Kansai International Airport. It is amazing that we can get these benefits by signing up as a free member.

Benefits of KIX-ITM Card

  • 50 % discount for visit in the Land Side lounge at Kansai Airport

  • 20 % discount with air side lounge

  • 25 % discount on airport parking or 24 hours free with 40 points

  • Exchange Rate Advantages at Kansai Airport

  • 5 % ~ 25 % discount for pet hotels in Kansai International Airport

  • 10 % discount for Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

  • (Capsule hotel)First cabin Kansai Airport, Business Class Cabins reduced by 700 yen per night / Minimum 2 hours : 1800 yen to 900 yen

  • Discoun at Restaurants of the Kansai International Airport

  • 5 % discoun in Kansai International Airport Duty Free Shop

What's more surprising is that you can benefit all over Japan with this card. In fact, there were many other benefits. However, the official homepage of KIX card was explained only in Japanese. So it was hard for me to understand the whole story.

▲ I love to have Ramen, I always get 170YEN off at Kamukura Rmen in Kansai Internaitonal Airport. ▲

My ultimate goal is to get a premium KIX-ITM card shown in that advertisement. The method is simple. You can get a premium card if you visit Kansai International Airport 30 times a year. Premium KIX card can collect twice as many points as the average member.

Until now, the part that I used KIX card frequently is Kamukuramyun branch of Kansai International Airport. I love getting a discount of 170 yen each time.

▲ Machines which You can accumulate flight points in departure of Kansai International Airport. ▲

Setting a flight point on the machine is very inconvenient.

Although there are machines that you can accumulate flight points in the departure area of Kansai International Airport, the machines do not have any English pages. when adding flight points with KIX cards, You know Japanese very well It is only available in Japanese. Therefore, I recommend you to accumulate points using your personal computer.

If you have left or arrived at Kansai International Airport, Don't forget your airline tickts. After you log in to the official home page of the KIX card, you can scan the airline ticket (or take a photograph), enter information according to the form, and attach the scan(photo) files. Using this method, you do not have to accumulate points with an uncomfortable Japanese machine. If you have chrome on your personal computer, it will automatically translate the official KIX homepage into the same language, even though it only says Japanese. Of course the translation is not perfect. But it is not inconvenient to accumulate points.

▲ I accumulated points by translating into Korean. ▲

How to build flight points easily

Since I am Korean, I translated Japanese into Korean using chrome. In the translated state, you can not click the date correctly using the calendar.Therefore, you should enter all necessary information in the translated state.Then use the " original view " to switch back to the Japanese language state. Because the date can be clicked correctly only on the Japanese page. If the application is correct, you can receive an email with which you registered at the time of sign - up automatically. If you receive an email you need not pay attention afterwards.


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