When traveling to Kansai in Japan, You need KIX-ITM CARD!

Reasons to Get a KIX-ITM Card

If you are traveling to Kansai region, I would strongly advise you to make KIX cards. You can collect points as many times as you visit Kansai International Airport with KIX cards. When I accumulate points with this card, I am not sure whether ItamI Airport is the same. Since the name of the card is KIX-ITM, I think I can accumulate points even when I arrive from ItamI Airport, but I'm not sure about this. Considering my travel patterns, I did not actively check this part if I could visit ItamI Airport.

Anyone can accumulate points with this card if they are scheduled to leave or arrive at Kansai International Airport, and You can get 10 points with each visit. KIX cards are not only good benefits for people who use Kansai International Airport many times. Just getting this card issued is a great benefit to you. You can get discounts or discounts at restaurants in Kansai airport by having a credit card, and you can get an additional 5 percent discount at duty-free shops by excluding certain items. https://papago.naver.comIt is quite useful to get a discount when using the lounge in Kansai International Airport. It is amazing that we can get these benefits by signing up as a free member.