Kyoto trip, Amazing tour - Kyoto Cuisine, Maiko dance, Shozan Garden. (w/ Kyoto Sightseeing Bus)

Travel in May of 2017.

It was a trip to Kyoto with my parents, aunt and grandmother. I wanted to give my family the most Japanese dinner.By the way, I found out that there is Program of Kyoto regular tour bus. The bus leaves from Kyoto station. Kyoto Station was a very close from my accomodation. About five to seven minutes on foot? Therefore, I was able to use a regular sightseeing bus. So I joined Maiko dance and Kyoto Cuisine program for dinner.

Kyoto Sightseeing Bus
Kyoto Sightseeing Bus

A guide for foreigners who can not speak Japanese

If you who can not speak Japanese participate in this program, You should use a receiver. You can choose English, Chinese (2 versions) and Korean. If the guide turns on the program, foreigners can listen to explanation by the selected the language.