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201904 Gimhae (PUS) - Fukuoka (FUK) BX 146 Air Busan/ How to go to Hakata Station

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My trip in April, 2019

Of the many routes from Busan, Air Busan has many routes. Gimhae airport is a local airport, but it is very convenient for me because there are many direct routes that can travel without going through Incheon International Airport by Air busan. However, Air Busan, which until last year offered free in-flight meals and up to 15 kilograms baggauge, has eliminated the benefits due to policy changes since June last year. I feel very sad about these benefits!. Free benefits have disappeared, but airfare has not been lowered. Fortunately, it is an advantage to be able to use this special price ticket(no baggause & meal service) on short trips. I paid for Fukuoka ticket from Busan for about US$100 round trip without luggage!

Recently, I boarded on the runway, but this time I got on a plane directly connected to the airport.

It was a fine day to travel. Flying is always exciting. Even on weekdays, many people were lining up to get on the plane. Thanks to LCC's aggressive marketing, diverse routes and infrastructure for indivisual travelers, it seems to be definitely better to travel than before.