201712 Busan (PUS) - Osaka(KIX) ZE913 Eastar Jet (LCC) review

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Travel for December 2017

I bought Eastartjet ticket.

I think I have been searching almost every service that compares / searches the prices of air tickets. For me, These service I had to purchase an air ticket a few days before I left was very welcome. I finally purchased my EastarJet ticket through Tour 2000(this is Korean Agency). It was purchased with a return ticket of 154,100 won(=$145, DEC. 2017) from Busan to Osaka.

After the ticket was issued I checked the weight of free baggage. The baggage regulations were vague. After talking to the customer center, they were assured that they provided free baggage allowance of up to 15kg. Fortunately, my baggage was never more than 15kg, so it was free for me.

Gimhae airport's departure area on weekdays.

I didn't expect many people, but contrary to my expectation, there were still many. Gimhae International Airport has expanded a bit, but it still has a lot to handle with passengers and transportation, as the construction of the new airport has become so controversial about where to build. Well, I'm sure it will work.


I checked my airplane type through my E-ticket. The Boeing 737-800. EastarJet is LCC airline in Korea and uses single-class aircraft. There is an 189-seat on airplane. It is an arrangement of seats 3-3.

When boarding the LCC airline, what I am giving up is space on the aircraft than the service provided by the FSC. I am well aware that most LCCs flights have a small cabin. So I don't expect to have much space when I board the LCC. EEveryone takes the different sizes of the cabin. Even in the same space, one may feel small to one, or wide to another. I didn't feel the space of that day of airplane was too large or too small. Of course You should accept my judgment based on the fact that I have become very generous since I boarded on Spring airline.

2015, Travel to China : Spring Airline, Qindao - Shanghai Round trip/ in-flight meal (in KOR)

The crew of EstarJet

The flight attendants at EastarJet were friendly. Once in normal orbit, they must provide announcements and in-flight service, check the passengers ' requirements, conduct an in-flight safety check and confirm their arrival. After all that has been done, the plane almost arrives. Because of the short flight time, it is easy to see the busy flight attendants. I purchased in-flight meal before boarding. The flight attendant came to me to check it out and at the same time told me when the in-flight meals would be served.

I have traveled by plane many times. I've been fortunate. I have never met a very violent Tuvulance and have never felt motion sickness from strong wind shaking. Once, on the way back from Europe to Korea, All I felt was fear in the short, because of sharp descent. But I checked the weather that the wind is very strong on this day. Even when the plane went into stable orbit, it shook more than I had thought. But I didn't feel like Tuvulance. Typically, when an airplane enters a stable orbit, we can feel it is in normal orbit with a strong engine noise. But it was not like that on this day. II could not stop feeling the shaking of the plane than I thought. It was also the first time I felt motion sickness on my trip. Of course, there was nothing like it on my flight back to Korea.

In-flight meal: Cold Meal - Sweet pumkin sandwich

I don't like the cold meal on the plane. I don't like the cold meal offered by most Korean airlines. For short distances, either LCC or FSC airlines, most airlines provide cold meal. I don't like that cold meal. I did not eat the sandwich provided by Korean Air on my first flight to Shanghai. I gave it to my friend. Since then, when I am on board the FSC Airline, I always request the fruit before boarding.(If They will serve cold meal). The reason why I dislike cold meal is, first, most cold meal is served with bread. Second, the bread served with cold meal is mostly crumbly. If the airline serves fruit rather than cold meal, I would welcome it.

▶Despite its short route, Ari busan provides H.O.T. MEAL.: 2017.04 By Airbusan, I flew from Busan to Kansai Airport. (In flight meal)

If you are on EastarJet, it is advisable for you to purchase the in-flight meals in advance and make a payment before boarding. I ordered a pumpkin sandwich just in case. In fact, you can not choose and buy in-flight meals on Osaka routes from Busan by EastarJet. Because for the Busan flight from Osaka, there was only one cold meal available : a pumpkin sandwich.

I loved the fact that there were plenty of vegetables and contents in the sweet pumpkin. But still the disadvantage of the cold meal was the fact that the bread was crisp. Therefore, crumbly bread made sandwiches tasteless. The pumpkin sandwich I ordered was not delicious because it was not soft bread. Unless you are really hungry, I hope you don't order cold meal at extra cost.

Information on purchasing in-flight meals by Eastar Jet

The YouTube Red Service is really great.

YouTube Red Service, useful on airplanes. I used it frequently, and I enjoyed watching YouTube videos I downloaded before boarding airplanes. I downloaded a news factory I could not hear because I was so busy that morning, so I could listen on the plane. In Japan, I was embarrassed because I could not use YouTube Red service in Japan. (The service is not available in Japan.)

Interior of Estar Jet B737-800

Despite the differences in types, individual lights and air conditioning are similar. Oh, I read a news article on the plane that said, " No matter how cold it is, don't turn off the air conditioner. " < Why you should never turn the air conditioning above your seat off during a flight (http://www.mirror.co.uk) > After reading this article, I decided not to turn off the air conditioning or the heater on the plane. Instead, I will take a light blanket with my trip When I use LCC airline.

I was heavily dressed because it was winter, so I began to regret it when I got on the plane. The cold weather was enough to make me heavily armed for survival and away from fashion. (The more I think about it, the worse I feel.) But it was so hot on the plane. Moreover, the motion sickness felt when I took off was felt again by the time plane landed. The plane landed on the runway. And then moved on for a long time. I'm about to get a little motion sickness so I should have had a little dissatisfaction about why the plane didn't drop off passengers so quickly.

Upon arrival at the airport, I exchanged tickets so that I could go to downtown Osaka from Kansai International Airport. Now, Start my journey now!

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