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PTC, You can keep your luggage, and get information about trip to Seoul. Premium Travel Center @ Seo

There are lockers at Seoul Station But, What if it's not enough?

There are inexpensive lockers available at Seoul station, but the number is small and it is not easy to get a chance to use on the weekends. I always gave up using the lockers in Seoul Station. However, after finding the Premium Travel Center, I got to use it mostly. When baggage is checked, premium travel centers are slightly more expensive than unmanned lockers in Seoul Station. But it is very convenient to check in my luggage so I often use it.

The Premium Travel Center is a Concierge cnenter operated by Premium Pass. So, Premium travel centers are not only at Seoul station, but at Incheon International Airport as well. The services offered by premium passes are not just about baggage. In addition to taking care of luggage, it serves as a tourist concierge. So, if you travel to Seoul, I want you to take advantage of the variety of services offered by < Premium Pass >.


The Premium travel center at Seoul Station is located at the <Airport Railroad & City Airport Terminal> that connects with the Airport railway, so it is not in the waiting place at Seoul Station. Therefore, You want to go to the Premium Travel Center, you have to get to way of Airport Railroad & City Airport Terminal.

As you can see, you can move in the direction of the picture. If you go to the City Airport Terminal of Seoul station, Take an escalator and turn left, and then you can see Premium travel center.

You can find a Premium travel center with pretty purple-lighted sign. A variety of tourists were already here on service. When I went to check in my luggage, I could see quite a lot of luggage. There are various kinds of pamplets here so you can get information about travel and events in Seoul not only in Korean but also in English or Japanese.

Fare of Baggage Storage at Premium Travel Center (@Seoul station)

The luggage is charged differently in size. At that time, my baggage was 3,000 won. It costs more than an unmanned locker at Seoul Station, but I don't think it is too expensive because it is convenient to check my luggage. Furthermore, there is little opportunity to use the unmanned locker at Seoul Station.

How To Keep your Luggage at Premum Travel Center (@ Seoul Station)

In this place, Guests pay in advance when they keep their luggage.

(1) Guests writes down personal information on paper.

(2) Employees give a TAG as proof that you left your bags there. You must have this baggage claim tag when you pick up your luggage.

(3) You want to take your luggage after you finish traveling, sign the document you wrote.

(4) After Signing the document and You should pass your tag to the employee.

Other services are available such as printing or fax (not for free), ticketing services and conference room rentals. You can also get information about travel packages there. Premium Travel Center offers a range of services for travelers. So this place is quite convenient and nice place than I think.

▲ New Style of Seoul Travel SmA R T in Seoul Eng itrip Summary ▲

-------------------- INFO of PREMIUM TRAVEL CENTER @ Seoul --------------------

0. Premium Travel Center Ofiicial website

1. Location

(1) Seoul station: 08:00 ~ 21:00 (every day opened) Contacts : +82-2-364-0211

(2) Incheon International Airport (* There are two centers at Incheon International Airport.)

  • Premium Travel Center: 07:00 ~ 21:30 (every day opened) Contacts : +82-32-743-0211~2

  • Premium Travel Store: 08:00 ~ 20:00 (every day opened) Contacts : +82-32-743-0213

(3) Hongik Univ. : 08:00 ~ 21:00 (every day opened) Contacts : +82-2-334-0211

2. Available Service

  • Train Ticketing : AREX Express, KTX, KORAIL PASS

  • REX Express + Travel Goods: T-money Card, International Taxi, USIM Card, Baggage Storage(Delivery), Coat Room Service

  • Tour Service: Hotel, Performance, City Tour Bus Reservation, Laundry Service

  • Tourist Attraction & Transportation Information: Korean Tourist Attraction, Transportation Information, Internet Searching


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