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How to conquer the Seoul Metro(subway) when traveling in Korea! (w/ Free wifi)

Amazing Seoul Metro!

The Tripadvisor has chosen to ride the Seoul subway in Korea, one of the must-haves for tourists. As such, Seoul Metro system provides a surprising variety of services to foreigners. You can use free Wi-Fi and a convenient transportation system when you ride the Seoul subway. And you can feel a pleasant cooling and heating system by using the Seoul subway, so It can be very modern and also become the center of city life.

How to conquer the Seoul Metro(subway)

However, the subways in Seoul are so complicated and big that the name Seoul Metro looks good on it. If you use public transportation in Seoul enough, you can get to anywhere you want. So, how can foreigners get active use of the subways in Seoul? The best way is to use Active maps provided by Seoul Metro and Googlemaps.

How to use this map is simple.

  1. First, you choose an area to travel to in Seoul, and then you find a nearby subway station using Google Maps.

  2. And you can check the names of subway stations in your chosen area and check the distance with an Active map provided by Seoul Metro.

The Active map provided by Seoul Transportation Corporation provides specific information on the minimum route, shortest route, and minimum transit route, when entering the departing and arriving station.