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When you are preparing to take a trip to Pyeongchang, make sure to read this.


If you are planning a trip to Pyeongchang right now, make sure to remember a few tips below. (In fact, this information is helpful tips for traveling not only to Pyeongchang but also to Korea.) I explain the applications that help you find your way around and how you can get a lot of help while traveling.

1. APP: AR ways(augmented reality and directions are combined)

Incheon International Airport's second passenger terminal was opened. Because of that, many travelers use Incheon Airport more than ever before. And it is that more complicated. The number of foreigners traveling to South Korea will also increase to a greater extent. AR WAYS application has been launched to help foreigners find their way around Korea.

AR Ways guide you through the route from the moment you arrive at Incheon Airport to where you want to be. Even if you enter the stadium's seat number for the Pyeongchang Olympics into your application, AR navigation will tell you the way to the stadium once. The application knows not only the newly opened KTX Kyung-gang, but also the various ways to get to the stadium, and is also optimized for finding the way outside and inside the stadium. You have heard about augmented reality. The application uses the technology to guide people where they want to go. If you are curious about how augmented reality and directions are combined, it is recommended that you click on the YouTube video above. You can understand it all at once just by watching the video.

▶ Download AR ways: itune / googleplay

2. Call Center: S.Korea Travel Hotline

There is a special call center to answer all questions about the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. There, you can answer any questions you want in any language you want.

  • Operating period: NOV. 2017 - MAR. 2018

  • Business Hour: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • When used in Korea, 1330 without an exchange number

  • Use overseas + 82-2-1330

  • Language available : Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

  • Services: Room reservations during the Olympics, restaurants, traffic information, cultural events, race schedules, Translating, Travel complaints, ETC

3.The benefits to Olympic ticket holders

(1) If you use a private car with a ticket, the motorway parking lot is free, and rest areas are provided with extra services.

(2) The NORTH FACE, the official partner of PyeongChang's 2018 Winter Olympics, provides an additional 10 percent discount service available by Feb. 28 for anyone who has tickets.

(3) Lotte Duty Free will give you discount coupons and Rewards until March 31.

(4) The ticket holders can get on the shuttle bus for free.

4. How to Overcoming Pyeongchang's Cold

Pyeongchang is the coldest place in Korea. Therefore, we can expect the weather to be really cold during the Winter Olympics. So make sure you don't forget to make the following trip to Pyeongchang warm.

(1) Prepare hand warmer

: In Korea, it is called a hot pack. You can purchase in advance while preparing for your trip, and you can buy it easily in Korea. However, you should say Hot Pack so Koreans can understand what you want to buy

(2) Wrap the Hand warmer with your muffler and then, attach it to the back of your neck

: If you warm the back of your neck, it will help you stay warm. Because blood circulation is smooth throughout the body if blood vessels at the back of neck are heated up.

(3)Wear several pairs of thin clothes in thick clothes.

5. Great festival not to miss. Pyeongchang "Trout Festival"

The Pyeongchang trout festival will run from the end of December to the end of January. Fishing for trout on ice is introduced as one of the must-visit winter festivals on CNN. On the ice, you can fish for yourself and catch trout with your bare hands in cold water. It is popular in Korea because anyone of all ages can enjoy the festival here.

  • Official Website

  • Period: 2017.DEC.22 to 2018. FEB. 25

  • Place: see map

  • Host: Pyeongchang Trout Festival Committee

  • Fare:13,000 won for ice fishing / 15,000 won for bare hands, The amusement facility is 6,000 won.

▶If you want to know more about the host city, Gangwondo, CLICK HERE(ENG)


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