2017 Macau Oktoberfest @ MGM (Macau Beer Festival) - Inconvenient Festival

​Travel in October 2017.

I was looking forward to Macau Oktoberfest very much. However, I felt disappointment after participating in this festival. This Macau Oktoberfest was too uncomfortable in many ways. There was Information about the festival was lacking in Korea. So I made a lot of effort to get information in Korean and or in English. I searched for Google in English but did not get much information as I expected. I couldn't get any tips on participating in the Macau Oktoberfest. So It was not easy for me to book. So let me summarize my story about Macau Oktoberfest. If you are planning to visit Macau Oktoberfest, please read this article.


1. Appointment Step & Ticket Buying

I didn't know when I was able to book a reservation. By the end of September, I noticed that the reservations for Macau Oktoberfest were already started. So I went to the MGM homepage and checked it.