Macau's night view was spectacular - Macau's Open Top Bus Night Tour

It was a travel in October 2017.

There are many cities famous for night scenery. Cool skyline is like jewels. Macau is such cities. There are different things to Macau than such a city. Most of the cities whose buildings are used as offices are the main characters of night views. However, a hotel with a high building is the main character in Macau. Recently, Macau has growing number of hotels. Along with the famous and splendid existing hotels, big and small hotels are under construction in Macau, featuring their own characteristics. There are also many hotels that have already finished. On my recent Macau trip, I saw MGM Cotai waiting to start business. The hotel looked very pretty and jewel box. The best way to enjoy the spectacular view of Macau is to use " Macau Open Tour Bus Night Tour. " This course is cheap and can take advantage of the 2nd floor buses. I sat still on the bus. The bus moved comfortably from Pawnshops Street to Cotai strip. Visitors can watch the night view.


There are no seats on the first floor, and there are only seats on the second floor.

I got on the bus. There was only a seat on the second floor of the bus. The first floor did not exist at all. When there was a large number of people participating in the Macau Open Bus Night Tour, the buses seemed to run two.