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Macau, the Eiffel Tower in the Parisian Hotel, 37th floor observation deck, I think it was okay.

Travel in October 2017

Since the Parisian Hotel was opened in Macau, I think the atmosphere in Macau has changed a little. Especially, I can see Eiffel Tower everywhere on the streets of Cotai strip in Macau. So many tourists were very happy to take pictures of it in the background. The Eiffel Tower in front of the Macao Parisian hotel is a miniature of the original the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I think it is much prettier and more enjoyable to see it outside than to go directly up to the Eiffel Tower. As a result, I had a chance to visit the Eiffel Tower in Macau many times, but I never entered the building. However, the trip with my parents was different. I went up to the tower with my parents and looked down at Cotai strip from top to bottom. I thought it would be nice to be with my parents.

The souvenir shop is the place to enter the Eiffel Tower!

It can be difficult if it's the first time finding the entrance to the Eiffel Tower. But once you know exactly where that place is, you can feel it’s very unique. There is a souvenir shop on the fifth floor of the Parisian Macau Hotel. The souvenir shop has an entrance to the Eiffel Tower. Through there, you can get the closest approach to the Eiffel Tower, so far, free admission is possible. It's a charge to go up the Eiffel Tower.

Many attractions are also connected to souvenir shops in amusement parks and other places. However, most of the approach gates are separate, and when you go out, they are connected to a souvenir shop. But it is already connected to souvenir shops from the entrance. Inside the souvenir was a variety of snow balls and souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower were more diverse than I thought. But there was nothing that caught my eye.

As I went to the entrance to the Eiffel Tower, there was a painter at the entrance who painted portraits of Paris (if I hadn't been to Paris). Wow. Before I came out and went up to the observation deck on the 37th floor, the Parisian hotel Macao looked like a toy castle where a doll lives. It was pretty. It was like a giant toy.

As soon as I got out of the souvenir shop, I walked down the road to the Eiffel Tower. There was a huge Eiffel Tower in front of my eyes. Many people were taking pictures of this place. The Eiffel Tower was so big that it was difficult to take pictures so that only the tower could be seen. Most people just had to lie on the floor to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower. So was I.

▶ There is a souvenir shop on the fifth floor, and if you go further up the passageway, there is a place to enter the Eiffel Tower on the sixth floor.

You should take an elevator from the place you see in the picture to a higher place. You must buy a ticket to enter this place. The price is 100MOP for one adult, but you can buy it on the Internet with a discount in advance. I was able to buy it at 75HKD per adult with a discount. Here, employees check the customer's admission tickets and help them get on the elevator.

Inside the elevator, it's like gold.

Arrived at the observatory on the 37th floor of the Eiffel Tower.

To be honest, I didn't expect much of what this place looks like. It wasn't much to look at from above the area, where I used to walk or take a bus when I traveled to Macau. When I arrived at the last place by elevator, there wasn't much to see, either. But the more I looked at this place, the more interesting it was. I saw the border with China far away, and many cars came and went. You can also see the geometric appearance of a European garden where you can see its beauty from a high point of view.

When I arrived at the 37th floor and looked down, the streets of the Cottie Strip were like a well-made street of toys. It's like looking at SimCity in real life. The pink shuttle bus was busy and it was really cute to me. Although the car did not move much, tbusy cars looked like small.