If you're traveling to Macau, use the wechat/ hotel promotion, coupon

Recently many people choose Macau as their sole destination, not just a quick stop with Hong Kong. As proof of this, many Korean LCC airlines are actively increasing their routes to Macau. Macau is very different now than it was long ago. In addition to the numerous luxury hotels, Macau has added a new key word " Family Resort. " Macau is actively promoting its new look, and the positive satisfaction of many travelers is leading the current Macau. Our family was the same. My parents were very satisfied to say that Macau is the best destination among all the trips.

wechat app that enables you to enjoy Macau trip through various kinds of information.

While preparing for my trip to Macau, I found out wechat. Somebody told me to set up wechat before I left for Macau, if I was planning to travel around the hotel. They said it is because I can get about various events and promotions at Macau's hotels through wechat app. I would use wechat a short time to get ready for my trip and then I deleted it. However, when I heard this news, I installed wechat app again. and I registered the Hotel in Macau in the messenger through wechat app. Wow! I could get conveniently promotion of various hotels in Macau with my cell phone. In addition, it was interesting that I could have coupons.

The above pictures are Macau's hotels which I registered with wechat while preparing for the trip. I knew that it was useful in China. Beside it is convenient to use it to Macau! The promotions at many hotels did not need to go to the official website at all. I could check it at once with my phone's wechat app. However, it was sad to know that most Macau's hotels provide information in Chinese. (Wynngroup provides information in English.)