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How to Get 10% Cash Back for Reservation on

Sign up for membership at using a link to recommendation from a specific person. And anyone who makes a reservation can receive 10 percent cash back. And gives the person who introduced it a gift of 15 dollars. It is an event to be called you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

This event is a typical friend recommendation event from many OTA services. However, when comparing the events here with others, there is a difference. The biggest characteristic of is that they give cash back to their guests, not a coupon or point as a reward. And the duration of this event is not set. So, it is more attractive.

You must be signed up to before completing your stay via to receive 10 % cash rewards. Therefore, you can receive 10 % cash reward by signing up through the link above. (Once the accommodation is complete, will send an email of 10 % receipt after check-out.)



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