Busan Hotel Travel, Dongnae Nongshim Hotel to Enjoy Warm Hot Spring - High Deluxe Room Review

Travel in NOV, 2019

Dongnae-gu in Busan is a famous for good hot springs. The name of subway station in this area is called "Oncheonjang Station", and the name of the stream running through the area is called "Oncheoncheon" which is the signature of the area.

* In Korean, Oncheon means hot springs in English.

Nongshim Hotel was the second most booked hot spring hotel in Korea by Koreans last year. In addition, the hotel is also the only five-star hotel to enjoy the Dongnae hot spring.

I visited there because I was curious about this hotel.

>> Location <<

You can take a walk from the Oncheonjang Station(온천장역), but you have to walk for 10 to 15 minutes. Fortunately It's, not too far.

This is not a quiet neighborhood. It's a pretty crowded and complicated neighborhood. However, the atmosphere around Nongshim hotel is unusually calm. Becaus A traditional Korean-style restaurant and garden in Nongshim Hotel lead the mood. Thanks to the atmosphere, You can enjoy the hot spring here quietly and cozy.


A front desk with a gentle atmosphere

All the employees at the front desk were kind. Regardless of the hotel's class, most hotel front employees are friendly. (Of course it's not 100%.) When I checked in at Nongshim Hotel, I could sense the warm atmosphere and friendly service that can only be felt here. They helped me complete it with a fast but stable tone even when I checked in.

I asked for a late check-out in advance, and it was allowed to be checked out by 1 p.m. Overall, the staff seems to be trying to quickly resolve the situation required by the guests CS, Full satisfaction!

>> Nongshim Hotel - Room Category <<

Deluxe Twin, Double / Ondol ... Room Size : 28m ²

This is the most basic category room.

It has been remodeled, but to some extent has the appearance of a hotel Nongshim model.

High deluxe Double/ Twin ... Room Size : 28m ²

Among the hotel Nongshim rooms, these rooms were remodeled with modern senses.

It is called " High Deluxe " to distinguish it from the old deluxe room.

It was the same room I felt in the picture. It had a rather more sophisticated feeling than I thought.

Of course this is just my feeling, and I didn't have a lot of expectations about the old Nongshim hotel, either.

Luxury double or twin / Ondol Double or Twin

The rooms are assigned to the ninth floor, which is classified as a VIP.

It is said that the service is provided in an upgraded version, but it is difficult to tell the difference from the high deluxe when looking at the room photo alone.

Superior Sweet Double / Ondol ... Room Size : 56m ²

You can also choose Ondol and a ordinary room in the suite. There are three suit rooms in total. Among them, the basic suite line is the Superior Suite Room. Suite rooms are divided into drawing rooms and bedrooms, which are also assigned to the ninth floor.

Deluxe Suite

It is a more upgraded room in the existing Superior Suite room.

It has a dedicated home-bar and a separate steam sauna for even more you can stay much more relaxed and healing.

Royal Suite Room

This room is the highest class of hotel Nongshim. The general atmosphere is characterized by calmness.

With a wide whirlpool bath and steam sauna, you can enjoy natural hot water comfortably in the room. It is also characterized by its ability to create a delicate indoor atmosphere. The living room has a dining table and a dedicated home-bar, making it more comfortable to meet and relax.

>> To summarize

the types of rooms in this hotel, all rooms below the deluxe line have the same room size.

Therefore, if you are sensitive to the size of the room but want to make a comfortable reservation, you can choose from the deluxe line by looking at the room interior and atmosphere.

If you prefer a very large space, but are burdened with a top-level room, you may want to choose a Superior Suite. The Superior Suite rooms can be booked at the lowest price of USD150 per night on a weekday basis/off-season basis.

Oh, and due to the location of Nongshim Hotel, all room views are City View. And although it is my personal opinion, I feel a little sad that the difference between luxury and high-deluxe rooms cannot be seen just by pictures or other explanations.