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201910 Busan Gimhae (PUS) - Seoul Gimpo (GMP) Jeju Air Review: Let’s choose the flight time with the

JEJU airTravel in OCT, 2019

A brief trip to Seoul for business and study

When I move from Busan to Seoul, I take the airplane whenever possible. I used to take KTX(Korea Train eXpress) long time ago. However LCC Airlines has come forward in earnest, I take the airplane whenever possible, which has no much cost difference from KTX, less stress and which makes me save time. I also chose LCC Airlines to move to Seoul.

Busan PUS ▶ Seoul GMP

It was Saturday, but it was so quiet.

Because I had web-check in, I could take the plane with the mobile ticket. It was much more convenient because I was not checking in bags.

>> Precautions for mobile entry and departure after web check in.

It is impossible to enter the departure gate with the screen captured mobile ticket. You should show the original URL when you enter!

If you receive a mobile ticket after you check the web, you can enter with your phone QR code like that way. The same goes for boarding a plane!

>> Jeju Airlines Service at Airport - Mobile Boarding Pass

You don't have to queue up at the airport counter if you use this service "Mobile Boarding Pass". You can check in advance with your cell phone or computer. And if you have baggage, you can check your luggage directly at the dedicated counter for the person who checked in. If you do not have baggage, you can enter the gate directly by QR code.

I did board at the mooring again today!

Getting off the shuttle bus, I went to the moorings to board.

It's always uncomfortable in this way. Somehow, I've always got the moorings on domestic flights.

Jeju Air has introduced New Class Seats on Domestic Line.

My flight was a domestic flight with Jeju Air's New Class. With the introduction of a new class like a first class seat at Jeju Air, I thought it would be more comfortable on long distance routes.

For Busan-Gimpo route, the ordinary classes (lowest prices) are between USD40 and USD55 on average. When you choose a new class, you have to pay USD80. For domestic New Classes, there is no discount. The biggest benefits of the New Class are 30kg of checked luggage, priority boarding + priority baggage service. On long-distance routes, these are the benefits of being the perfect priority.

Where is the best seat except New Class?!

It's been filmed shaking so hard, but... Unexpectedly, the seats with the best seats were right behind Jeju Air's New Class. As you can see, the space was wide.

The New Class seats had wide across and wide space, the seats right behind the New Class were wide in length (when the legs were extended). This is regularly the first-row seat, which is much better than the emergency exit seat. Because you may extend your legs wide on the emergency exit seat but it doesn’t recline backward

But right behind the New Class = The first-row seats of regular seats are the best that it is possible for you to stretch out the legs and at the same time it is possible to recline back the chair. It’s one of my favorite seats! The best seat with cheapest price!

p.s. However, When a screen is provided, One of the most inconvenient thing about the first row seat is that there is no place to put the screen.

New Class seating arrangement is 2-2, normal seating arrangement is 3-3.

Since it was a new airplane with new-class, I certainly felt it was new one.

Everything was neat! If you want to board a cleaner aircraft, it would be a good tip to choose the time of the aircraft with the New Class.

The reason why we feel inside the airplane high.

The reason why I felt inside the airplane high and less stuffy was thanks to the design of the overhead cabin that could hold in-flight baggage. As you can see, with the streamlined form, the image of space was much softer than rectangular overhead cabins, and I felt less stuffy. It felt like the upper space has got wider. Inside the airplane with New class was certainly different.

I didn’t have any checked luggage that’s why I didn't stop by the carasol.

It was cheap, fast and comfortable.

Thanks to the domestic LCC, I am glad to move Busan ~ Seoul comfortably!

Seoul GMP ▶ Busan PUS

When comparing my desired departure time with the cost of the flight, I would rather choose another airline on one-way than the same one on a round trip. It was much more convenient to choose Jeju Air flight as a round trip.

I also completed web check-in at Gimpo Airport and didn't have to stop by the airline counter because I didn't have any checked baggage.

I entered the gate directly with QR code.

wow... I didn’t get on at the moorings. good good!

I chose the schedule of the aircraft without the New Class, so it was a 3-3 arrangement from the first row. In addition, Overhead cabins are also ordinary angular shapes. Clearly, depending on the design of this overhead cabin, the airplane seems to be a little wider or not.

The plane was full even though it was a weekday evening. It's amazing that there are always so many people like this.

The plane was neat.

I arrived safely from Seoul to Busan.

Whenever I use LCC airlines, I often use them because air freight is cheap. Since it is about 50 minutes' flight from Busan to Seoul, I do not need a great flight service during this time. Therefore, it is recommended that domestic flights that travel in such a short period of time choose Korea's various LCC airlines.

JEJU air


JEJU AIR is a representative and the most fastest growing airline in Korea.

Since the establishment in 2005, JEJU AIR has been expanding its scale in accordance with customer"s request for reasonable flight ticket fare and is bringing a sustainable innovation to Korean airline industry.

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