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How to Enjoy the Busan Nightview by Yacht: Yachtour (Yacht G tour)

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Travel in July 2019

The biggest advantage of Busan is that it has a sea. So, Busan is the most famous sea city in Korea. So there are many activities in Busan where you can enjoy marine sports. If you don't want to get wet but want to enjoy the Busan sea, you can choose a yacht tour. Yachtour is popular in that you can enjoy the waters off Busan for about an hour on a yacht. I've been wanting to do a yacht tour for a long time. So this time, I put my yacht tour experience in writing!

▶ On the way to Yacht Mooring. see Googlemaps 1 Address: 84 Suyeongman yacht, Haeundae Beach, Busan, Seoul, 4 seconds, No. 3 2 When searching for navigation, Busan yacht stadium or Suyeongman yacht The splendid high buildings and dark night sky seen from so far along the way were attractive enough. If it was winter, I wouldn't have seen this view because it was cold, but in hot summer, the night view looks fresh thanks to the cool night breeze.

The yachttour(by YachtG) starts at the No. 3 I've seen a lot of people wandering around because they had no idea about the entrance number of the company they've booked, so you'd better know where you've booked it. Since the yacht club (Suyeongman) is not a small space, it may take a long walk if you don't know the number.

The door was open when you arrived at your number five to ten minutes before boarding the yacht. When you open this door and wait for a moment in front of the yacht, the staff called the passenger's name. And then you can answer the called name and board the yacht. The night view here was so beautiful that even if the staff called my name, I was busy taking pictures. High sparkling buildings have been a beautiful background in the city and in the sea. All on board were busy filming this beautiful background rather than hearing their name.

2019 Busan Yacht Tour by yachtG ... V-log by Alice ▲

I made a video of sailing. Because it was a dark sea, I couldn't film all the images. But the yacht that I enjoy in the night sea was happy enough and beautiful enough.

In fact, when I saw the yacht from afar, I thought the space inside this yacht wouldn't be big. Maybe it was my first time riding a yacht, so I had no idea the size of the yacht. Before I got on the yacht, however, there were more people on board than I thought, and more people getting off the yacht. The yacht was bigger than I thought.