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How to Enjoy the Busan Nightview by Yacht: Yachtour (Yacht G tour)

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Travel in July 2019

The biggest advantage of Busan is that it has a sea. So, Busan is the most famous sea city in Korea. So there are many activities in Busan where you can enjoy marine sports. If you don't want to get wet but want to enjoy the Busan sea, you can choose a yacht tour. Yachtour is popular in that you can enjoy the waters off Busan for about an hour on a yacht. I've been wanting to do a yacht tour for a long time. So this time, I put my yacht tour experience in writing!

▶ On the way to Yacht Mooring. see Googlemaps 1 Address: 84 Suyeongman yacht, Haeundae Beach, Busan, Seoul, 4 seconds, No. 3 2 When searching for navigation, Busan yacht stadium or Suyeongman yacht The splendid high buildings and dark night sky seen from so far along the way were attractive enough. If it was winter, I wouldn't have seen this view because it was cold, but in hot summer, the night view looks fresh thanks to the cool night breeze.

The yachttour(by YachtG) starts at the No. 3 I've seen a lot of people wandering around because they had no idea about the entrance number of the company they've booked, so you'd better know where you've booked it. Since the yacht club (Suyeongman) is not a small space, it may take a long walk if you don't know the number.

The door was open when you arrived at your number five to ten minutes before boarding the yacht. When you open this door and wait for a moment in front of the yacht, the staff called the passenger's name. And then you can answer the called name and board the yacht. The night view here was so beautiful that even if the staff called my name, I was busy taking pictures. High sparkling buildings have been a beautiful background in the city and in the sea. All on board were busy filming this beautiful background rather than hearing their name.

2019 Busan Yacht Tour by yachtG ... V-log by Alice ▲

I made a video of sailing. Because it was a dark sea, I couldn't film all the images. But the yacht that I enjoy in the night sea was happy enough and beautiful enough.

In fact, when I saw the yacht from afar, I thought the space inside this yacht wouldn't be big. Maybe it was my first time riding a yacht, so I had no idea the size of the yacht. Before I got on the yacht, however, there were more people on board than I thought, and more people getting off the yacht. The yacht was bigger than I thought.

The interior space of the yacht was wider than I thought. There was also a spacious living room, a control room, a bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom were down in the compartment. I was amazed at all this space. If you feel motion sickness while riding this yacht, you can rest inside the yacht. You don't mind lying on the couch because there was a lot of space here!

If you're not reacting sensitively to motion sickness because you're here to enjoy the ocean, I recommend you be outside the yacht rather than inside. Because then you can see Busan sea more widely and interestingly. The first yacht's outer space is the highest yacht you can see in the picture above. That place has a chair and table in a wide sofa, and it is at the top of the yacht, so you can enjoy Busan sea from a wide view. And if you want to pick another place, there's the front part of the yacht that I called the most dynamic space.

the front of the yacht, marked by a white square.

Let's enjoy the sea at the head of the yacht. Especially, the best thing about this yacht is that you can sit in front of the yacht and enjoy the sea. There are cushions here for many people so they can sit more comfortably than I thought. And it didn't slip easily thanks to some rough surface. Sitting here, you can see waves and ripples, the sea, and another look off the coast of Busan as the yacht rotates around. I strongly recommend this seat to you as the best seat to enjoy the yacht tour. However, if you sit here, the waves can be sprayed like mist when the yacht starts and speeds up. And when the waves are rough, the waves may come in a little bit, so please note it!

The part of the field of vision that you can see when you sit on the yacht's front head. It's the most dynamic place to enjoy the ocean. I really liked this place.

Let's go now! I was ready to enjoy the sea as joyfully as a slow-starting yacht. The farther away from the ground, all the buildings on the ground were twinkling. I was preparing for my summer vacation to Malaysia + Singapore. No less beautiful night view of Busan was slowly unfolding before my eyes than the Singapore night view I could see while preparing for my summer trip.

The view of the Gwangalli The ground was bright with many lights, and the sea was really dark without the light. Thanks to these, the lights on the ground were shining, and I began to see stars that were hard to see in bright cities in this dark sea. Especially in bright cities, stars are hard to see in shape, but in dark seas they were clearer than I thought. I was interested in stars when I was in college. Memories of the time began to come to mind in this sea. The yacht tour was enough to bring back such another memory.

Diamond bridge City buildings and structures looked different while at sea, thanks to the lighting here and there and there. That bridge is called Diamond Bridge, but I am much more familiar with the name Gwangan Bridge, which is native to Busan. The Gwangan Bridge is the most powerful element that adds to Busan's sea night scene.

a yacht tour at the front of the yacht.

Fireworks on the yacht I was sailing out to sea and enjoying the dark sea and the bright ground. Fireworks on the yacht that started then. The person in charge carried out the fireworks in front of the yacht. And he said, "We'll have fireworks~." Those in the front seats could see the fireworks closest. At this time, for safety's sake, we had to back off a little bit.

The fireworks were the most beautiful and colorful of the darkest night. The fireworks exploded higher than I thought. I saw it and thought it was a moment of added beauty to waters off Busan.

When I looked at the ground in the middle of the ocean on a yacht, the ground looked very busy, hectic, and so on. Come to think of it, many things seem different when you look at them from a few steps away. And it seemed like you could find a new look. I thought I was busy being a part of that.

By the time the yacht tour was finished, the yacht had begun to run at high speed. I could enjoy the speediness in the sea, and the winding waves of S-states were thrilling and enjoyable. Others, especially me sitting at the head of the yacht, were also shouting at the thrill and enjoying the speed of the yacht. The movement of the yacht, which made a curve in a flash, also made rough waves, which did not come as far into the yacht. It was just sprayed like a mist. After enjoying the speed for a long time, the yacht gradually slowed down and returned to where it had started again. And big, shiny buildings came back into my eyes.

Moving in a rocking yacht could be dangerous, so I sat still and enjoyed the yacht. And I took a leisurely picture on the yacht which they had docked. At this time, the staff helped the passengers take pictures beautifully. Employees were popular as photographers because they took good pictures of the place's colorful background and people's appearance.

It was that you can feel the ocean breeze that cools to the top of my head on a yacht, you can enjoy the colorful ground of Busan, and you can see a little more stars that are hard to see in the city in the dark night sea. So, I think yacht tour is loved by many people.

Tips for yacht tour! 1. On public tour by Yacht G, you don't have to pack your own drinks because the staff provides you with drinks/water. 2. During the yacht tour, exciting music is played indefinitely on the yacht. 3. If you want to enjoy fireworks closely during the yacht tour, sit in front of the yacht unconditionally, or if you want to enjoy the fireworks a little far away in a wide view, sit on the second floor of the yacht (if the yacht is badly shaken in the sea, it's difficult to move around, so you'd better get a seat in advance.)

4. If you get too much motion, you can talk to the person in charge and lie on the inside sofa or rest on a bed on the ground floor.

5. Sailing tours take about an hour on average. Even in the middle of summer, if you encounter strong cold wind, you can feel chilly, so if you are sensitive to cold, take a thin cardigan.

6. If you are sitting on the front of a yacht, the waves may spray like mist, so your clothes may get a little wet.

7. Yacht G's mooring number 3. Let's not wait at the other number.

8. If you sit in front of a yacht in a short skirt or dress, strong winds can cause the skirt to tip over. Let's be careful in this case when sitting in front of a yacht.

9. If you lack photography skills, you can take beautiful and clear pictures in the clear sky using daytime tours. Of course, a night tour is good if you like night view. However, the lack of light makes it possible to be filmed by shaking a lot on a yacht.

10. It is much easier to stand and move for a while because it stops for a while in Gwangalli Beach.

11. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk slowly from the parking lot to the mooring.

Yachtour is divided into several kinds. The tour that I participated in was a public tour. That is, you can sail around the waters off Busan for about an hour with others. Included here are simple beverage/water services, as well as sailing. In addition, after the yacht tour is over, staffs help you take good pictures. Of course, they were popular because they took pretty pictures of the passengers with a pretty background.

Yacht G's public yacht tour in Busan

1. Address: 84 Suyeong Man yacht Stadium No. 3 on Haeundae Beach in Busan Metropolitan City See googlemaps 2. Contact: (+82) 10.4144.6087 3. Official Website 4. Operating hours: 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. (Open 365 days a year) 5. Yacht G's Public Tour Fares: ① Public yacht tour: KRW 200,000 won per person ② Selling Yotral: KRW 250,000 ③ Luxury Yogurt Rental: KRW 250,000 The price of a public yacht tour depends on the timing or event. Therefore, for public yacht tours, it is most accurate to check on the official website or on the event page. 6. How to book: You can make a reservation on the official website or by phone. 7. NOTE:

① You may change the reservation schedule up to one day before the reservation date.

② They give you a 100% refund if the yachttour is canceled due to bad weather.

③ It is impossible to change if you want to cancel on that day. (except for Bad weather)

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