Hoian Memories show, You can see the beautiful Hoian! ( Hoian Impression Theme Park)

Travel in AUG, 2018

In Vietnam, I watched a total of three performances. If I add a performance that I didn't expect at Myson, I would have watched five performances. All the performances I saw were the most traditional Vietnamese performances and the most beautiful performances. Among them, I would like to review The Hoian Memories. It was a performance that showed the charm of Hoian, less known than Danang, which maximized the charm of Aozai, a traditional Vietnamese costume, and made me aware of the old Hoian history.

Recently, a variety of parks have been built in Hoian. One of them is the Hoian theme Impression Park. Since the Hoian Impression Park was recently opened. However everything was not 100% opened, it may be obvious that it is not well known. But the main performance, the Hoian Memories, is currently in operation. Therefore, I recommend that anyone traveling in Hoian visit here and see the performance.

Hoian Impression Theme Park