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Hoian Memories show, You can see the beautiful Hoian! ( Hoian Impression Theme Park)

Travel in AUG, 2018

In Vietnam, I watched a total of three performances. If I add a performance that I didn't expect at Myson, I would have watched five performances. All the performances I saw were the most traditional Vietnamese performances and the most beautiful performances. Among them, I would like to review The Hoian Memories. It was a performance that showed the charm of Hoian, less known than Danang, which maximized the charm of Aozai, a traditional Vietnamese costume, and made me aware of the old Hoian history.

Recently, a variety of parks have been built in Hoian. One of them is the Hoian theme Impression Park. Since the Hoian Impression Park was recently opened. However everything was not 100% opened, it may be obvious that it is not well known. But the main performance, the Hoian Memories, is currently in operation. Therefore, I recommend that anyone traveling in Hoian visit here and see the performance.

Hoian Impression Theme Park

It is a theme park. This is a reproduction of the streets of Hoian as well as the traditional features of Vietnam. So if this place is completely built and opened, it will probably become a center for many tourists. There are some restaurants and some places where you can experience traditional Vietnamese culture. There are tickets, including performances, and so on. Of course I would recommend purchasing it, that include performances and cultural park. If you don't have much time, you can just buy a performance ticket. The show begins at 7:30 p.m., but I want to tell you to arrive at least at 7. Because there is a small performance before the Hoian Memories show.

Small stage, the wedding of Princess Ngoc Hoa and Japanese merchant

This performance expressed the wedding. Hoian was once the center of a trading city. Therefore, various foreign cultures have entered the Hoian, so Vietnam, China, and Japan are mixed. The traces of that diverse culture are easily found in the old city streets of Hoian. A good example of Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall(It was a gathering place for Chinese merchants from Beijing who used to live in Hoian in 1757.) and Lai Vien Kieu(The name of the bridge that connects Hoian City in Vietnam with the residence in Japan.), which are well known to foreigners, is a sign of the culture. The princess of Vietnam and the Japanese merchant got married. This performance is a representation of it. So you can feel the very Japanese at first scene, but the last one creates a different atmosphere. This performance was probably about 15 minutes. It's not too long, so it's good to watch it before the Hoian Memories. The small stage performs after the Hoian Memories. But there's a lot of audience out there. It is better to go early and watch this small performance more leisurely than in time for the crowds.

Non lights on the way to the main concert hall The upper street lamp is made of non, called Vietnamese traditional hat. This street was very pretty. Many people were busy walking around and taking pictures. I couldn't help but bring up the camera, too. This place was very modern and traditional. And that symbolizes those parts was very impressive.

The main concert hall is located at the end of the Hoian Impression theme park. So it's not hard to find this concert hall. As the performance time approaches, employees were standing on every street corner, telling the customers where the main concert hall is. So, you can easily find the way to the concert hall.

▲ Part of Hoian Memories / YOUBE ▲

The Hoian Memories

The performance "Hoian Memories" lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. It was a performance that continued well the memories of Hoian from long ago until now. It was huge and grand because it was an outdoor stage. Large-scale performances, such as those with up to 150 people in a single part, were very attractive, expressed Hoian. and it was also very impressive to express the diversity of the Hoian. You can't see such a performance in Vietnam!

Ticket prices vary depending on the seat. But you don't have to buy expensive tickets yet. The reason is simple. There are 3,000 sears at outdoor concert hall . But so far, there are not enough people watching the show to fill up the space. As a result, there are still many empty seats. So now it is possible to buy the cheapest tickets in a good place. It's just that the staff will guide you to the most visible position possible. Perhaps if this performance is better known to people than it is now, so if many people take up this space, then it would be more helpful to consider which ticket you should buy depending on your seat.

P.s. Photographs are not allowed during the performance. However, many people take pictures and film. Since there are no staff to supervise this, many viewers shoot during the performance. However, should we have to take a picture when they tell us that it is not allowed to shoot during the performance with subtitles?

The necessary explanation for understanding the performance is explained in subtitles before the performance begins. There is a screen on either end of the outdoor stage with subtitles. Subtitles are described in Vietnamese and English, and they are also broadcast. With each subtitle, I could fully understand what the performance was like. And since it was not a very difficult English subtitle, there was no shortage of non-English speakers to fully understand what it was about.

The last curtain call scene, I was impressed by this performance. According to the official statement, there are about 500 cast members. A scene has a maximum of less than 200 people on stage, but when all the performers appeared at the curtain call, the large concert hall became very crowded.

The performers, dressed in fine Aozai, came between the seats and greeted the audience with their last performance. It was also possible to take pictures with the person in the audience. Everyone was happy to take the pictures.

Everything that expressed what Hoian looked like long ago, not now, was impressive. The figure of countless female performers wearing Aozai in the performance showed how beautiful Aozai was, and their dances were very unique and impressive. No, it was very creative. On my way back to the Danang Hotel after the performance, I thought of Hoian Memories for a long time. It was interesting to know that the performance allowed us to enter the old history of the Hoian itself, not just the Hoian who stopped by while traveling through Danang. In that sense, the Hoian Memories was one of my most impressive performances.

------------------------------ SHOW, the Hoian Memories ------------------------------

"Hoian Memories" will be performed at Vietnam's largest outdoor concert hall, which can accommodate up to 3,300 people. The performance, which expresses the full extent of Hoian Street and involves more than 500 participants, was born at the hands of countless staff members. Made in Hoian for over 400 years, the story is expressed in the form of elegant Aozai and dynamic male cast. From the famous director in Vietnam to the ideas of a wide range of advisers, the performance is now described and is about the largest and most beautiful Hoian story in the region.

1. Location: 200 Nguyön Tri Phoeng, Cẩm Nam, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam ▶ Google Maps 2. Performance Title: Hoian Memories

3. Duration: 75min (19:30~20:45) 4. Official website 5. Fare: Cultural Park and Scenery Show

① Children

ECO 325,000 VND

HI 375,000 VND

VIP 425,000 VND

② Adult

ECO 650,000 VND

HI 750,000 VND

VIP 950,000 VND

•It is divided into adult and child charges according to the height of the child.

•Tickets can be purchased at a discount rate.

6. How to Buy: You can Pre-book online or book directly at enterance of Hoian Impression Theme Park.


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