201808 Gimhae (PUS) - Hanoi (HAN) VN427 & VN426 Vietnam Airlines Business Class Reveiw

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So my idea was simple. When I went from Busan to Hanoi, I thought the airline I had to choose was Vietnam Airlines. There was not much difference in the economy class compared to Vietnam Airlines and Viejet's fare at the time. And I was lucky enough to buy the round-trip business class at an inexpensive price. The flight service of the Vietnamese airline was nice, and the service of the crew was all good except for some. Ah! FYI, Vietnam Airlines joined the Sky Team in June 2010. So You can get mileage of other airlines belonging to the Sky team after boarding Vietnam airlines. Of course, if you plan to be on Vietnam Airlines more frequently, it is much better to join the Vietnamese airline's program, "Lotus Miles" service.


  • Air Lines: Gimhae International Airport (PUS) → Hanoi Noise Bai International Airport (HAN)

  • Flight time: August 2018

  • Flight name: VN427

  • Aircraft type: Boeing 787

  • Boarding Review: Business class

The weather was nice when departing from Busan.

The weather was so nice at the time of departure in Busan that I could not believe the news of rain in Hanoi. I moved directly to the runway and boared a flight. So the good weather and the big blue Vietnamese airline carft were very impressive. It was mostly an LCC airline when I boarded an airplane on an airport runway.

B787 The Business Class

This type of business class was an ordinary chair with a 2-2-2 arrangement. Each seat has about 42 inches of space. The space was not as large as I thought, but there was a space under the front seat, so I could put my legs in when I made a bed. The flight from Hanoi to Busan was from A330-200. This model was better with a 180-degree bed and much more space. Nevertheless, I liked the business class of B787 better because it was on the tray and on the Lumbar Refresh.

Adjusting the angle and height that I want and massage function?!

The footrest was raised or lowered when a particular button was pressed. As you can see, buttons themselves are so intuitive that people who do not know English or face them for the first time can use them easily. Especially, the flat bed that I made when I was sleeping was simply marked BED.

The lower left button said Lumbar Refresh. After seeing this, This was my question. "Is it a massage function?" When I pressed the button, I had a light massage function from the spine to the waist. This is an unthinkable function! Lumbar Refresh, which was used to wake up after breakfast, made me feel better.

Welcome Beverages and Blue Airlines

Habits are convenient. So when a flight attendant asks me, "Would like something to drink" I always say "apple juice. please." In Korea, apple juice is not sold as much as orange juice.

That's why, or is it because apple juice that I drink in a plane is delicious in my mouth? As usual, when I was on a flight, I always drink apple juice and look at the sky.

I was moved by the Ahmede tea.

The flight attendant asked me what I wanted to drink with my meal, so I said I wanted tea. an English Breakfast. I asked for tea before breakfast, so I got tea in advance. I took a sip and said, 'Wow! What brand is it so good?' I thought it might be a brand I already knew. It tasted familiar and neat and strong. So I asked the flight attendant which brand this tea was from and he asked me to wait a moment. When he came back to me, he said, 'I'll bring four Ahmed Tea for you“ So it was an Ahmed tea. I didn't know if the crew would give me these as a present, and when the crew noticed that I liked the tea, they would refill it

There was a crew on each line. I remember that the ratio of men and women to crew was 2:2. Only one female crew member had a very poor service.(Not all the female crew) I don't want them always to smile when serving. Many people say a smile is essential for the service industry, but I don't think so. It would be nice to have an employee smile at customers, but I don't think customers need to ask why you don't smile. I just want people to do their best.

Although the plane did not shake much, the steward gave me the drink, I felt as if it were going to pour. That's how unkind she handed me a drink. (embarrassment......) On the contrary, the male crew was very kind. (Of course, He was smiling at me) They asked me kindly to small things and kept checking for anything I needed. Was apple juice a cold drink and tea a hot drink? I repeated the question numerous times, but the male crew, who brought me a tea, carefully put the cup on the tray. This attitude was too different.

with a good breakfast

There were three main menus, but I chose a steak. And a little regret... The reason why I chose this menu and regretted was that the steak was too tough. I'd rather choose a menu that said chicken. Fortunately, the the side dishes were excellent except for the steak. Desserts were served with fruits, tiramishu cakes, and hagendaz ice cream. I was not interested in ice cream, so I choose fruit as I wanted. In addition, you can choose the cheese you want with a light salad. Dessert was perfect!

It was more comfortable to spread less than 180 degrees.

I took this seat photo. It was a 180-degree chair, but it wasn't completely 180 degrees, and the angle you see in the picture was the most convenient for me. I didn't have to put my backpack in an overhead cabin because I was using it whenever I needed it.

When we arrived in Hanoi, it rained.

It was raining when I arrived in Hanoi. In addition, raindrops got thicker. Ah, so sad. I don’t like raining because I thought the weather had much effect on my trip. I was at the airport a little longer to exchange money, and the rain became thicker. Fortunately, the rain stopped as I got to downtown Hanoi, but at the evening, there was thunder in downtown Hanoi. Oh my gosh!


  • Air Lines: Hanoi Neubai International Airport (HAN) → Gimhae International Airport (PUS)

  • Flight time: September 2018.

  • Flight name: VN426

  • Type of flight: Airbus 330-200

  • Boarding Review: Business class

Late-night flight departure is always tiring.

If the trip is late at night, the excitement is so full that you don't feel less tired. But the story is different when it comes to the end of the journey. Some people feel very tired because they cannot travel more. It was. Because of the connection from Danang to Hanoi, I was so tired. Still, it was a good thing to board without being delayed for a long time.

The business class of the A330-200 was much more comfortable.

The A330 series is considered the most successful and still popular. So I know that many airlines use and there are still a lot of orders. The space of the A330-200 was more spacious than the B787 boarded from Busan to Hanoi (the business space of the A330-200 was clearly separated from the seat next to it. and the space was 60 inches). Moreover, despite the early early morning flight back home, I did not feel much tired when I arrived in Korea.

There was no Rumbar Refresh function with A330-200, but Remote controls, USB ports, and seat buttons were more convenient to touch than B787. Lighting was also convenient because it was within easy reach.

The in-flight tray was too small.

But the biggest regret was the in-flight tray. Because businesses class are offered in individual dishes, you need to have more tray space than economy class. But the A330-200 business calss tray was too small. The picture shows a feeling of very full space. I felt even smaller when I ordered a cocktail.

I chose Asian food because I felt unhappy that my trip to Vietnam was over. The main menu was rice noodles using chicken soup, chopped vegetables served with toppings and chili pepper. Chicken noodles that are just perfect. Wow! It was really NICE! In addition, I put the butter of the signature shape from the Vietnamese airline on the warm bread. I loved this!

Business Class Admenity

: Portable folding comb, lip balm, body lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush, message card, sleeping socks, sleeping mask

I was not very interested in other products and I was a little curious about lip balm and body lotion. The brand was CHRRIOL, and cosmetics are also known as fashion brand! Of course, It was first item to see lip balm and body lotion of CHRRIOL. Body lotion was cute size and I could use it for hand cream, and the scent was sweet and clean. My lips are dry enough to use lip balm all year round. Therefore, this lip balm was a very good, very appropriate amenity for me.


As mentioned earlier, their service levels varied between men and women. Although the men's crew were very kind, certain crew members showed an embarrassing service. On the other hand, it was not at all on the route from Hanoi to Busan. The business class crew on their return flight from Busan to Hanoi were all excellent.

Among Vietnamese aircrew, the percentage of Korean flight attendants was also high. I don't know if it was because it was a Busan-based flight to Vietnam or because it was a joint flight by Korean Air. In recent years, most foreign airlines hire flight attendants from a certain country, or hire crew members who can speak the language.

---------------------- Vietnam Airlines @ Vietnam ----------------------

Vietnam Airlines, which has an impressive sustained growth rate, has an official title of four-star class. Compared to Asiana Airlines with five-star or Korean Air with the same four-star class, Vietnam Air's service was also quite good. In service or in-flight meals. There were also many routes available than expected. On the route to Europe, They offer Ho Chi Minh Day tours for free, so those who traveled to Europe consider Vietnam airline.

With the recent popularity of Da Nang from Koreans, Vietnam Airlines is also offering a stunning price of Incheon-Danang line at around $280 (roundway). The LCC Airlines operating the route from Incheon to Danang has a small seat size. hose who were uncomfortable with this, they would choose Vietnam Airlines to provide all the services at an inexpensive price. (However, there is no Vietnam Airlines on the Busan-Dang line.)

1. Airlines Name: Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airlines

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