201904 Gimhae (PUS) - Macau (MFM) BX 381/ BX382 Air Busan Review

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Air Busan operates the only direct route to Macau from Busan. Come to think of it, Air Busan take a big part of the Southeast Asian route from Busan(Gimahe aiport). After all, comparing prices and routes with other airlines often leads me to choose Air Busan. And Air Busan Co. is expanding many routes from Busan(Gimhae airport). I have used Air Busan since the beginning. I didn't think Air Busan would grow this big. The scale now is very surprising.

Gimhae Airport PUS ▶ Macau Airport MFM

Air Busan BX381

A Quiet Airport Departure Halll

There was a slight delay in the flight time from Busan, leaving around 10 p.m. There wasn't much difference, but the moment I was waiting in front of Gate 11, the airport was down. Have you ever seen the airport so quiet? Come to think of it, for the most part I could feel that the airport was getting empty when I boarded the last departing flight. The silence was greater just before I got on the plane.

Recently I've bought the front seat if possible.

If I have a chance to catch an LCC flight, I buy a front seat if possible. Most LCC airlines have different prices to sell depending on the seating position. If you buy a front seat, you can sit in a seat with plenty of space. And when you get off the plane, you can get off the plane faster than any other passenger. Of course not all LCC airlines have very large front seat space. I found a narrow front seat on Jeju Air bound for Saipan. If you are not boarding Jeju Air's New Class, you don't have to buy the front seat. In a word, it's a waste of money.

The biggest benefit for passengers who purchased the front seat of Air Busan is the doorside service. My favorite service!!! I will talk about doorside service later in this article.

Even if it's late at night, it seems like the plane is packed with people at any time. Of course, the majority of those who choose to fly late at night may be those who go on a trip after finishing work. Like me!

Air Busan's front seat space is quite large!

As you can see, the front seat of the A321-200 aircraft operated by Air Busan is this wide. It's wide enough to stretch my legs. Of course... ...because my legs are short. ^^; The front seat of Air Busan is wide enough even for those who are tall and have long legs. On my way back to South Korea from Macau, a 188-centimeter-tall person sitting next to me said. This front seat is really comfortable

Compared to Jeju Air's front seat space, Air Busan's front seat seems to be twice as large. Perfect difference. I'd recommend you buy the front seat of Air Busan even if you added a little more money. With such a large space, Air Busan offers a doorside service.

View "Air Busan Pre-seat purchase official description"

The front seat on the route from Busan to Macau costs 20,000 won per one-way ticket. Except for the three front seats, the price of the remaining seats will vary depending on the location of the entrance.

Doorside service (load priority service) provided to front seat purchasers

It is not a service that all LCC airlines offer to purchase front seats. In the case of Air Busan, it is a service provided to passengers who purchase front seats, with the door side service being the first to be found at carousel(=Baggage conveyor belt). My suitcase was always at the end of my journey, except for once. Even if I finished the immigration screening quickly, I had to wait because my suitcase was not available. However, Air Busan provides the first way to find a suitcase when you buy a front seat. Oh, my Gosh! It's my favorite service.

The ground crew will tag the luggage of the passenger who purchased the front seat with a yellow tag. It says DOORSIDE. With this tag, you can find your luggage faster than anyone else. Of course, there is no guarantee that the service will be provided at all airports in the world. This is because different airport systems may vary slightly. That's fine, as there's a significant decrease in the chances of waiting a long time in my luggage belt to find my suitcase anyway. My baggage was the first to come out of Macau airport!! Yeah~!

Explaining emergency situations in flight

Macau International Airport is on its way to an immigration checkpoint, where paintings and descriptions of Macau are transported. Of course English/Portugal/Chinese. So, it is fun to look around instead of just walking.

The first way to get my baggage and leave for the immigration office.

Macau Airport MFM ▶ Gimhae Airport PUS

Air Busan BX382

Macau International Airport Official Signs

Expressing English/Chinese/Portugal at the same time is a characteristic of the Macau region. In fact, the fact that locals do not know Portuguese but still have Portuguese on their official signs is an occasion to remind them of their unique and long-standing historical background.

the dawn departure hall of Macau International Airport full of people.

The most enjoyable thing to do in Macau after 8 p.m. is the casino. If you don't like casinos, it's also Macau that has nothing to do with it. As a result, many travelers are often waiting at the airport, but Macau International Airport is really small and has nothing to do. Moreover, it is very boring to wait at the airport until that time, as most of the routes to Busan depart between 2 and 3 a.m. Furthermore, simply waiting at the airport from evening to dawn makes you very tired. So I stayed at the hotel as much as possible and moved to the airport.

an early-morning plane that many people sleep on.

As usual, a dawn plane requires a lot of stamina.

Front seat

On my way back to Busan, I bought the front seat in advance. The 188-centimeter-tall man also liked the front seat, where he could sit comfortably.

Jeju Air Co. must reflect on its wrongdoings. I can't believe they're selling that narrow front seat at a high price! It doesn't mean you'll be able to pick up the luggage of the passenger who purchased the front seat first. Jeju Air should reflect on itself!!

The biggest disadvantage of the front seat is that it is a complex space.

No wonder the crew has to go back and forth in the hall to provide service. As a result, the biggest disadvantage of the front seat is that it is difficult to predict the quiet atmosphere in that area. The quietest space is, by all means, the last seat on the plane. There are very few people moving around, and if you're lucky, you can lie down because there are many seats available next to you. In the end, the advantages and disadvantages of seats are very clear in each space.

A pre-oedered flight meal.

Since it's a departure flight around 2 a.m., many restaurants in Macau's airport are closed. Besides, I was going to stay in a hotel and then go straight to the airport, so it wasn't appropriate to settle the meal comfortably. So I ordered a pre-ordering in-flight meal. I liked the fact that you could have a warm meal, even though it wasn't cheap.

View "Air Busan Pre-in-flight meal order description page"

Bulgogi with Rice

Stir-fried tofu and vegetables

Review for in flight meal: Bulgogi with Rice & Stir-fried tofu and vegetables

The taste was soso. It wasn't super yummy. The in-flight meal is not cheap, but it was good to be able to eat warm hot meal on board while waiting at a chilly international airport. There were more vegetables than meat in bulgogi covered rice. It was regrettable that the amount of meat was too small, and the amount of tofu was too small for stir-frying tofu. After all, when you order this food, you should be aware of the low amount of tofu and bulgogi, which are the key ingredients in advance.

The pickled radish, served as a side dish, is not as good as just a side dish. Because people like me don't eat pickled radish. Including two or three pieces of fruit or stir-fried kimchi seems to be the best way to enhance the quality of your in-flight meal.

Busan to Macau by Airbusan

As I mentioned earlier, the direct route from Busan to Macau is operated exclusively by Air Busan Co. Of course, if you search for an airline ticket on the Internet, Asiana Airlines also looks like a Busan-Macao route, but it's a code-share, so it's not a story I want to talk about at all, so let me skip this story. There are various airlines that operate routes from Busan to Hong Kong. But Macau from Busan since Air Busan is the only one, there is no choice. To get out of this option, To choose Incheon Airport is the answer, but considering the time or additional costs for people who lives in Busan and Gyungnam province.....

1. Busan - Macau route by Air Busan

Number of operations/Duration of flying: daily flights/ average time around 3hours and 30min

2. Air Fare for Busan - Macau by Air Busan

If you have an early bird or a special sale, you can buy it for less than USD200 for a round trip. Of course, this does not include luggage, so you can expect a price between USD190 and USD300 if you include your luggage. If not a special event, the round-trip fare on the Busan-Macao route is between USD300 won and USD400 won on average, and the fare will go up further if weekends are included. As I mentioned earlier, the only Busan-Macao route only operated by Airbusan, so there is a special season with seats short. In such cases, the average round-trip ticket costs more than USD480 won per person, If you are planning a trip to Macau to depart from Gimhae International Airport, it is important that you get the ticket first.

▶How much did I buy?

It is an off-season that includes both to and from the end of the week. But I bought the ticket 40 days before the departure date. Payment for USD310, including baggage. Add USD40 for seating(round-way) + USD15 for in-flight meals = a total payment of USD375

3. Aircraft, A321-200 operated by Airbusan

If you ride Air Busan, you can see the A321 on all routes. The A321-200 introduced by Air Busan has created the biggest difference with other LCC airlines, which is "seating space." Most of them say that most LCC airlines’s seating space is small. So people take it for granted that there is a small space for the types of planes operated by LCC airlines. In comparison, So many people choose Air Busan because it has a slightly wider seat compared to others. In this regard, Air Busan played a big role in showing its high share and growth rate among the same local LCC in S.Korea, as it applied the front-to-back magnet gap to at least 31 inches when it introduced the A321-200.

• Manufacturer: Airbus

• Number of seats: 191 or 195 seats

• Average seating clearance: 31 inches or more

• Wings width: 34.1 m

• Full length: 44.51m

• Refined operation speed: 841 km/h

• Maximum operation time: 6 hours 2 minutes or 5 hours 41 minutes

• Maximum mileage: 4,921 km or 4,592 km

• Maximum operating altitude: 12.131m or 11.918m

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