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Great Comical Stunt show, Elekron Show in Macau / How to Book Lowest Prices / Elekron Show FAQs

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April 2019 Travel I've noticed since last year that the Elekron Show is being held. I was very curious about it. Is it a show that surpasses Macau's most popular show, "House of Dancing Water"? What is it about? What amazement does it give the audience? I had a lot of questions, so the reason why I said I would travel to Macau this year was also aimed at watching the Elekron Show. after watching this show, It was a fun performance if I didn't expect much. Don't expect too much!

A security check before entering theater.

If you go to the Event Hall on the first floor of the Studio City Hotel, you will see elekron show posters and more. You can go in that direction. The path to VIP seats and to general seats (including A seats ~ D seats) are separated, so make sure you don't get confused.

Security checks are conducted at the entrance, but security check seems to be related to food (or not), Passing through security checkpoints, guides even inspected some people's bags. When I thought I was checking everyone's bags and tried to open my bag after passing the security check, the staff told me that I could enter without opening the bag. Considering this, it doesn't seem necessary to open everyone's bags.

There is a snack bar on the way to the theater. The price is high, but the advantage is that you don't have to go outside to buy something on purpose.

A and VIP seats are in the center direction of theater, and B seats, C seats and D seats are gradually far from the center. Of course, VIP seats are the best, and A seats are good, but the price difference between the two seats is about HKD200. I think A seats are good, so I chose A seats. Pre-orders are available from A seats. Considering that discounts are available on pre-booking, the actual price difference between VIP seats and A seats is greater than HKD200.

▶ There is "How to reserve the lowest price for the Macau Elekron Show" below this article.

Elekron Show @ Macau Studio City

A long time ago, a magic performance was held in Studio City in Macau, but now it is not. In fact, I wasn't very interested in magic either and I never felt the attraction that I had to see. So the hotel gave birth to a new performance after a long period of research. That's the "Elekron Show." It's the hottest new show in Macau that's just opened.

This is a kind of stunt show, where you can watch various acrobats. It is true that there are many things to see as well as stories. However, the story had to be understood by action, not by a particular language. As a result, there were some parts where the overall flow was difficult to fully understand. Thus, each stage was colorful and entertaining, and it was difficult to feel that the story was naturally connected, and sometimes it might not be understood what it was trying to show if there was no prior information. However It's Okay! Fortunately, you don't have to fully understand the performance. You can just watch a spectacular performance.

There is also a scene with an audience.

During the performance, there was a scene where actors walks into the audience and with the audience. There were an actors who looks like a boss and a pawn, a scene in which a pawn introduced a woman to his boss. The woman was chosen from the audience. Along with the actors, she enjoyed dating and talking. In addition, actors often talk to other audiences or point their imagination at guns. The actors' playful behavior was fun enough and unexpected.

In fact, it was a great hybrid show.

Not only car stunt action, but also bicycle and motorcycle action. This included various acrobatic shows and the circus. There were a number of factors that inspire people's admiration. I didn't feel these various factors were very organic connections. But it didn't matter. This performance was amazing and it was enough to catch my eye. It looked like a fancy visualization has become a reality!

A car stunt as spectacular as a show of action.

There were parkour and b-boy shows, but it was more than imaginative that a very fast car caught fire and moved. The power of the fire was so great that it could be felt by audiences far away. It was also great to see performers swaying sticks with their own lights. Every time the car made a big curve, the car made a strong curve and the sound of the brakes and the heat of the fire. Come to think of it, the Elekron Show has a lot of car stunts. Nevertheless, heavy car fumes did not fill theater. All this was a great effort by Tesla's support. (supported by Tesla's electric cars)

When the performance was first planned, the organizer wanted to do stunts using cars. So filling the theater with smoke was the biggest discussion.

On top of that, there was also motorcycle stunt action. It was also surprising to see motorcycle riders jumping over high obstacles and letting their hands free on a flying motorcycle. It was the motorcycle stunt action that surprised me more than the stunt action that caught fire in the car in the middle of the performance. It was like riding on a wall, so it was amazing to see a motorcycle going up a high slope, but it was shocking to see a motorcycle going up a wall that was close to 90 degrees in a flash. The scene was enough to surprise countless audiences in theater. I also doubted my eyes. (It will be shown briefly in 1 minute and 12 seconds of the YouTube video attached above.)

A big plane was flying.

When the performance was nearing its end, a huge plane flies in. Performers made a variety of acrobatic and humorous gestures on the big plane, grabbing the audience's attention. There was a comic element here. It was interesting to see the person asking for a ride on the plane and the pilot not seeing it. Large airplanes arrived in front of them by VIP and A seat. As the plane approached me, I realized the size of a huge airplane. After all the performances, the plane was still there. The big airplane served as a background for taking great pictures!

Curtain call after all the shows.

The curtain call scene drew a lot of applause. The audience applauded the hard-working performers for each scene. Many people praised their ideas for giving them an hour and 15 minutes of pleasure. The performance was both fun and thrilling.

Macau has a lot to enjoy. Although it is known as the city of casinos, it has recently been aiming for the family-centered entertainment city. Thanks to him, there are various performances and things to enjoy in Macau. Among them, House of Dancing water will be popular at No. 1. And I think Elekron Show will take the second place.

----------------------- Macau, Elekron Show -----------------------

1. Location: Studio City Event Center, Studio City Macau, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau

2. Title: Elekron Show (ELĒKRŎN SHOW)

4. Contact: (853) 8865 3333 /

5. Price (adult/child):

VIP ticket (HKD980) A seat (HKD780 / HKD624) B seat (HKD580 / HKD464) C seat (HKD380 / HKD304) D seat (HKD280/KD224)

# Macau Resident, Study and Senior Citizen can be discounted

6. Time: 4 p.m. / 8 p.m.

7. Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

8. How to book a ticket at the lowest price:

This performance can be pre-booked over the Internet, and is much cheaper than on-site or official Web sites. As you enter QR code after pre-booking your ticket, you don't have to exchange tickets, so it's simple.

① Klook (KLOOK): You can get $3.2 coupons if you sign up for membership through a specific link. And additional discount ($3.2) reservations are available at discounted prices in KLOOK. When you make a reservation, it is sent to the voucher. ▶ Booking for the Elekron Show on KLOOK

② KKDAY: You can book an elekronic show for a limited period of time. When the reservation is completed, they will send you a voucher. ▶ Booking for the Elekron Show at KKDAY


1. Which seat should I choose?

Of course, VIP seats are good. They're expensive... I personally recommend A seats for the price, and if you feel that A seats are expensive, I think B seats are OK. Less than C or D seats have the disadvantage of seeing the back of the performers. Therefore, it is not recommended personally. But if it's okay for you to look at the back of the performers throughout the show, you can choose a C or D seat.

Let me tell you about my experience.It is the House of Dancing water, the most famous concert hall in Macau. After all, the show is overwhelmingly popular, has a large scale and the audience's rating is quite high. I have seen this performance three times in total and all in A seats. (VIP is too expensive) So I know the characteristics of the performance I see in A seats. One day I found someone's review saying that C seats were better than I thought. I wondered if C seat was really okay, and I read all his writings. He posted reviews and photos from C's seat C. I was shocked to see the picture he took. Because I couldn't understand why he said C seat was OK. The picture showed only the back of the performers.

2. Is there any problem with children watching this performance together?

I don't think it's too much, but it may vary depending on the nature of the children. There is a scene that looks dangerous because this performance is literally a stunt show. But there were no very violent (hitting) or provocative images. There is no dirty scene. Of course, the scene of stopping an actor who tries to kill himself with a pistol is described as ridiculous. I don't think this part of the story is very provocative or violent, but I don't know how it will be accepted by parents who have children and how children will be accepted.

I couldn't look at every single viewer. But in a rough sense, there were quite a few elementary school children. Depending on your child's preference, I recommend you to think more about it and choose whether or not to watch the show.

P.S. I don't want to recommend taking a child too young to the concert hall.

3. Can I film during the performance?

In principle, video shooting is prohibited, and photography accompanied by flash is prohibited. Other simple photo-taking is possible. However, even if people were filming the video, employees did not ban the act.

4. Can I bring in food?

I don't know... you have to go through the baggage/body security check process when you enter the elekron show. Guards of good physique check each guest who passes through the checkout stand at the entrance. It seems that food is banned to some extent, but simple water is also passed through. While there is a snack bar on the way to the concert hall (like selling popcorn at a movie theater), it is also a good way to buy it there.


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