Great Comical Stunt show, Elekron Show in Macau / How to Book Lowest Prices / Elekron Show FAQs

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April 2019 Travel I've noticed since last year that the Elekron Show is being held. I was very curious about it. Is it a show that surpasses Macau's most popular show, "House of Dancing Water"? What is it about? What amazement does it give the audience? I had a lot of questions, so the reason why I said I would travel to Macau this year was also aimed at watching the Elekron Show. after watching this show, It was a fun performance if I didn't expect much. Don't expect too much!

A security check before entering theater.

If you go to the Event Hall on the first floor of the Studio City Hotel, you will see elekron show posters and more. You can go in that direction. The path to VIP seats and to general s