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Hanoi Hotel, Impressed by the sincere kindness - La beaute de Hanoi Hotel in Old Quarter

Travel in August 2018

When I searched about Hanoi, there were so many hotels that I could not count. As the price of Hanoi hotel varied, I was worried about where to sleep. My conclusion as I researched a little more in Hanoi was, "Yes, the first trip to Hanoi would be best for Old Quarter near Lake Hoankiem!"

But there were also countless hotels competing in the Old Quarter area. From incredible prices to luxury hotels or already reviewed by many Koreans. Come to think of it, I found that if you don't want a very expensive super-specialized hotel, you can stay at a very affordable price in Vietnam. Which hotel will you choose?

I heard that most hotels in Hanoi are very kind. The Hanoi area is very competitive as a hotel, Because it has a lot of people, a small land, and an old building. As a result, each hotel greet their customers by improving its strong point. So I thought about the conditions I wanted.

1. Not far from Hoankiem (Old Quarter)

2. The score should be 4.5 or higher on the Tripadvisor.

3. Not too expensive.

4. Not an old interior.

The first condition was not a big problem. However, it was not easy to meet the second and third condition at the same time. However, There are some hotels that satisfied with the two conditions in Hanoi. I searched various information again and found out that hotel with high ratings were not even 50,000 won per night, but (mostly three-star) friendly. The hotel was La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel.

Pick-up service at Hanoi International Airport.

I was planning to go to the hotel from Hanoi Noibai International Airport by myself. I also checked the bus routes and set up a grab app. But soon I decided to apply for a Pickup service(charged) at the hotel. There were many reasons.

First, I wanted to reduce the travel time.

Second, if the weather was too hot, I would be very tired during going from airport to hotel.

So I asked the La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel for pickup. The average taxi was $16 and the private car was $19. It was about 50 minutes from Hanoi Noibai International Airport to the hotel, so I didn't think it was too expensive. I asked for a private car.

Oh, my God, I was starting a trip in the rainy season! I realized the fact after I arrived at the Hanoi Noibai international airport. And I found the raindrops getting thicker after I exchanged my money. And I briefly complimented myself for being good at asking the hotel for a pickup in advance. Before I arrived at the airport, the hotel clerk told me what the driver wore, and explained that the drivers had a board with my name on it. Thanks to the clerk, I could find him right away.

We were waiting for you.

The above photo was taken at night, but we were scheduled to leave Busan for Hanoi by morning plane, so it was afternoon. By the time we arrived at the hotel, the driver called someone and our car stopped. I had to take a moment to get off the door of the car. The La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel is located in the entrance to the alley, so cars could not enter the alley. So the car stopped on the main street next to the alley, and a hotel clerk came up to my door and stood there waiting. I looked at her and she smiled and opened the car door. And the man behind her took our luggage out of the trunk of the car and moved it to the hotel. My response was a series of surprises at the 3-star hotel, and I never imagined that there would be such a service at a hotel that costs about $50 per night!

I was impressed by the staff of a warm smile and the kind explanation.

When I got out of the car, I was so embarrassed that I could not feel it for a moment, but it was very hot and humid even though it was a short distance from the car to the hotel entrance. When I got to downtown Hanoi, the rain stopped. And how hot and humid it was. As soon as I entered the hotel, the freshness from the air conditioner felt me immediately better. I went to the front desk to check in. The clerk told me to help check-in if I was sitting on that sofa. I love the service here!

As soon as the I sat down on the sofa, the man smiled and offered a cool towel and a drink. The drink seemed to be of the Citres family, but it tasted fresh and not too sweet. I felt better when I washed my hands with a cool towel. The check-in staff came up to us, sat down politely and began talking.

She informed us of the check-in process, how to stay this hotel, and gave us a brochure listing the contacts and addresses of many restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. She also handed me printed paper that arranged things to be careful in Hanoi. We were impressed by her kindness and delicacy, and most of all, the actions of this hotel staff were very impressive. I had plan to enjoy Halong Bay Cruise and she asked me which company I had reserved. I told her I had booked "Alisa Cruise" and even though I didn't ask her to do so, she checked confirmation of my cruise shuttle bus reservation and time. (Thanks to that, I was able to move without any disruptions.)