Hanoi Hotel, Impressed by the sincere kindness - La beaute de Hanoi Hotel in Old Quarter

Travel in August 2018

When I searched about Hanoi, there were so many hotels that I could not count. As the price of Hanoi hotel varied, I was worried about where to sleep. My conclusion as I researched a little more in Hanoi was, "Yes, the first trip to Hanoi would be best for Old Quarter near Lake Hoankiem!"

But there were also countless hotels competing in the Old Quarter area. From incredible prices to luxury hotels or already reviewed by many Koreans. Come to think of it, I found that if you don't want a very expensive super-specialized hotel, you can stay at a very affordable price in Vietnam. Which hotel will you choose?

I heard that most hotels in Hanoi are very kind. The Hanoi area is very competitive as a hotel, Because it has a lot of people, a small land, and an old building. As a result, each hotel greet their customers by improving its strong point. So I thought about the conditions I wanted.

1. Not far from Hoankiem (Old Quarter)

2. The score should be 4.5 or higher on the Tripadvisor.

3. Not too expensive.

4. Not an old interior.

The first condition was not a big problem. However, it was not easy to meet the second and third condition at the same time. However, There are some hotels that satisfied with the two conditions in Hanoi. I searched various information again and found out that hotel with high ratings were not even 50,000 won per night, but (mostly three-star) friendly. The hotel was La Beaute de Hanoi Hotel.