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Best Way to Enjoy Beautiful Halongbay - Luxury Cruise: Alisa Cruise

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Travel in August 2018

I really wanted to go to Halongbay. It's so beautiful. I mean the scenery. So, I wanted to stay there in the beautiful scenery of Halongbay. So I chose "Halong Bay 1 Night 2 Days Cruise." - "Alisa Cruise." Alisa Cruise from the name of the beautiful princess, and Five Star Cruise with elegant and beautiful styles. I made a reservation at Tobi Travel in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam. Of course, I cantacted them in advance in Korea, and finished payment of the deposit. The first place I visited when I arrived in Hanoi was Tobi Travel office to pay the remaining balance.

I reserved room for two people for US$300 on 2D1N under the following conditions.

1. Room: Junior Suite Ocean View

2. Includes: Room, breakfast(1) and lunch(2), dinner(1), WIFI, two beds, various activities (including kayak, bamboo boat, etc.), shuttle Limousine(round way)

3. NOT INCLUDED: Beverage

▶ It was definitely more expensive than making reservations through a Korean company.

I am going to put information of Tobi Travel and how to make a reservation in the end of this article. Let's talk about Cruise now.

What is Halongbay?!

"Halong Bay National Park" is the background of the films "Indochina" and Robin Williams' "Good Morning Vietnam." The Halongbay National Park, located in eastern Hanoi, is famous for its magnificent spectacle and is one of Vietnam's most beautiful national parks, accounting for 1,553 square kilometers of land. The landscape of more than 3,000 islands covering the bay is the spectacle itself. The word "Halong" literally means "the Dragon came down to sea." According to legend, a group of dragons saved people from foreign invasions, and the jewels thrown out to fight the invaders became an island. Jewels that the dragons spit out to fight the invaders were said to have become islands.

1. Departing from Hanoi

Alica Cruise called me to pick me up at 7:30 in the morning. Each hotel in Hanoi had a different pickup time. And the limousine shuttle may not arrive at that time. At La Beaute de Hanoi hotel, employees advised me not to go out in advance and let me know when it came, so I could eat breakfast leisurely in the hotel.

After the limousine shuttle picked up, the guide gave a brief introduction in the car. They gave us simple instructions such as how long we would move and when we would arrive in Halongbay. And she left the car and the rest of the information was from the driver. Thanks to a very kind driver, the move was not inconvenient.

We also stopped by the rest area. It was a tough time to run for four hours. This was a place where they sold handmade fish made by the blind. There were also restaurants and souvenir shops. It was convenient for people who didn't have time to shop here. It wasn't very cheap, but it wasn't very expensive. There were many handicrafts, but I just did window shopping.

Then we ran again and arrived at Halong Bay dock. Cruise customers leaving today and now arriving people gathered together and were a little complicated. Nevertheless, there were enough places inside or outside. The luggage from the shuttle bus had a tag with the customer's name on it. Cruise staff brought the bag to the cabin in the cruise. It was very convenient.

I waited for a long time until I got on board the cruise. I was a little tired than the excitement of traveling because of the high humidity. The person in charge instructed the traveler to board the cruise and the travelers headed for the cruise. In the photo, Cruise looked small, but as I approached it, the four-story Halong Bay Cruise was very large. If this cruise is small, how big is the Royal Caribbean?!