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2019-04 APRIL KKday promotional code (10% discount code)

This offers a 10% discount code to celebrate the summer sale. The 10% discount code is not applicable to all products and is only applicable to popular products in each of the following regions. If the area where you were planning your trip has a 10% discount code available, why don't you get a discount and make a cheap reservation?

0. 10% OFF Promotional Code: KKSUMMEREN

1. Booking Period: March 18 - April 17, 2019

2. Travel Period: depends on each product available dates.


① This promotion is only valid for residents of the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and North America/Oceania.

② The prices displayed above are not final and are subject to change depending on the current exchange rate.

▶ Please click here for further details.

Each product listed below is eligible for 10% discount code.

Click on the desired product in the desired area to see in detail.









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