2019-04 APRIL, AGODA.COM promotional code (5~8% discount code)

1. Spring Special Discount Code

① Available period cannot be checked, but discount code can be applied

② Only the lowest price product(special offer) is not applicable

③ 5% discount code regardless of region: SPRING19

④ How to Use: Click here to apply a special spring discount code when booking a hotel/resort/guesthouse

2. Promotional code for each region

▶ How to Use: Click here to book a hotel/resort/guesthouse and make a reservation in the area below.

① Seoul Hotel 10% off code: SEEOUL (~04.23)

② Seattle Hotel 8% off code: SEATTLE (~04.17)

③ Oahu Hotel 5% off code: HAWAI (~04.19)

④ Sydney Hotel 5% off code: SYDNEY (~04.22)

⑤ Singapore Hotel 5% off code: SINGAPORE (~04.20)

#promotion #agoda

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