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How to get $30 off when you buy air ticket- Discount code Promotion with up to $30 Discount This is a $30 discount code that can be used by It's a rare opportunity to get a maximum discount of $30 when you buy a air ticket. Of course there are conditions. You must have a Union Pay card. It Is not difficult to issue. If you have it, You can get discount code. In particular, Union Pay cards are much better for use in China than Visa/Master.

1. Period: June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019.

3. You can issue a discount code after entering 6 digits of a valid Union Pay Platinum/Diamond/Travemate credit card number. You can select and apply discount codes when entering customer information when making payment.

4. Discount codes can be used for US dollars or CNY RMB. Only for UnionPay Diamond/Platinum/TravelMaid credit card payments.

$30 when paying with a UnionPay Diamond Credit Card

$15 when paying with a UnionPay Platinum Credit Card

$10 when paying with a UnionPay TravelMate Credit Card

The website also offers a variety of other discount promotions. If you are planning a trip to Thailand or Japan, make sure you prepare a trip cheaply.


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