Japan, Keigetsu Ryokan at Higurami Hot Spring in Nagano - Great Hot spring and Japanese room(Tatami)

Travel in June 2018

I traveled to central Japan. This was my first trip to Nagoya, Nagano, in the area. Especially, I was interested in the "Hirugami Onsen(=Hot Spring in English.)" Most hot springs use very high temperature water. This place however, use lower temperature water as hot spring. This story made me interesting. Hot spring water at low temperature! But I planned my trip at the beginning of summer. Can a hot spring trip be fun even in the summer? Of course, when I arrived here, I were able to throw away all those worries.

First lodging is Keigets Ryokan, Nikchoan. This is the place that was built with the traditional Japanese style of architecture, "a traditional house with Tea room." Tea room, I liked the word Tea room. I don't know the style of architecture, but that explanation made me interested in it.

the Ryokan, Kegetsu on the climb

The entrance to the building was not splendid. But the plants were well organized. The floor had small stones like sandbags, and the entrance was wider than I expected. The building was situated slightly above the surface, so it was hard to see the inside. It was very unique. There was a list of customers at the entrance. Nice ryokans and hotels in the Hiragumi area had list with a reserved name on them at the entrance. It showed a classical atmosphere.