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A convenient place for traveling, Osaka Raku hostel(@Sakuranomiya station)

Travel for December 2017

The Raku hostel(@Sakuranomiya station) is located in a place filled with familiar and new-looking alleys.

I prefer staying in a place close to the subway or JR line which is the representative public transportation in Japan. It's the surest way to get to my place quickly. I have my own standard of choosing accommodation in Japan travel. Whether it is a tatami room or a Japanese house is not. Even better if the accommodation is residential!

The " Guest House " I found based on my standards is here. Name is Raku Hostel. Just by chance, I found a new! Guest House opened in October 2017 by airbnb. Before going on a trip, no matter how many times I looked up it by Korean Search Engine, I couldn't find any relevant reviews because it was not long before it opened. Looking at the photos of the accommodation, I loved it. The hostel had everything I wanted and could make a reservation right away.


Late in the evening, I did not know the way, so I took a taxi, and the next morning, the distance between Sakuranomiya station and this hostel was really close! It was less than five minutes walk from the station. Located in a small alley, but it is not difficult to find Raku hostel. Beause it is in the entrance of the alley.

I informed the hostel of my arrival time in advance. I sent a message that I would look around and check in by late evening. The hostel owner said he would be waiting around that time, and thanked me for the message in advance.

There is also free upgrade at hostel.

I could see the picture of the room that I had seen only with my pictures. Actually, the room I reserved was not this room. The room I originally reserved was another room. But the room was not organized enough, the owner showed me another room. It's like a free upgrade. Even in hostels, these free upgrades are always welcome~! The room I stayed in was a little larger than the room I reserved. It seemed good to be four.

There are Amenities you need.

This hostel was very impressive for me in many ways. Among them, the public restrooms were the first impressive. It was nice to have such a lavatory, which was wide and was located at every floor. There were two private shower booths behind the sink. (These are also on every floor.) But that was not the most impressive part. The most impressive parts are the amenities organized next to sink. I have things that are inconvenient when I prepare for a trip. but, they were all here.

You don't have to wonder if there is a dryer here. Of course, there was even a round stick-shaped curling iron to make your hair softer. There is already a set of disposable toothpaste & toothbrushes, so you can take as much as you need. There were makeup cleansers, toilet paper, moisturizers, hair wax and spray for hair. If I had known this, my baggage would have been much simpler. I never imagined that it would be in such great detail.

A living room with the structure of the Japanese house.

The second most impressive part to me was the public living room. There was a small kitchen with a public living room on the first floor. The wide table helped me to do anything. Full with a warm atmosphere, this communal living room was a place to meet with other travelers.

I was talking with the owner while watching TV in the living room, so I saw a column. I could see that the column in the living room was of a prefabricated type structure. In Korea, traditional structures do not use nails at all. The columns here looked similar to that. I asked the owner about it. It was originally a typical Japanese house, but it was remodeled and conveniently adapted for accommodation. However, most of the pillars survived the structure used in the house. So he said, maybe a nail could not be seen.