A convenient place for traveling, Osaka Raku hostel(@Sakuranomiya station)

Travel for December 2017

The Raku hostel(@Sakuranomiya station) is located in a place filled with familiar and new-looking alleys.

I prefer staying in a place close to the subway or JR line which is the representative public transportation in Japan. It's the surest way to get to my place quickly. I have my own standard of choosing accommodation in Japan travel. Whether it is a tatami room or a Japanese house is not. Even better if the accommodation is residential!

The " Guest House " I found based on my standards is here. Name is Raku Hostel. Just by chance, I found a new! Guest House opened in October 2017 by airbnb. Before going on a trip, no matter how many times I looked up it by Korean Search Engine, I couldn't find any relevant reviews because it was not long before it opened. Looking at the photos of the accommodation, I loved it. The hostel had everything I wanted and could make a reservation right away.