Osaka hostel, Takai hostel which has the open air bath was attractive.

Travel in December, 2017

This hostel is where I last chose. I was fasatisfied with my stay at Tankai hostel. Of course, One of the things I was pleased with at this hostel was the open air bath.

Osaka hostel, Takai hostel

Location : The location of the Tankai Hostel was a good advantage.

Tankai Hostel is located in a residential area with many rodeways. However, it is quite different from the Japanese housing that we often think of. This is not a residential area of a two-storied house, so it is densely populated with high buildings such as apartments. Of course, there were many office buildings.

It was very close to Minami-morimachi Station (Subway) and Osaka Tenmangu Station (JR ).(Located within 300 ~ 500 meters) and Osaka, called the city of water, Everyone can easily walk to the O River from Tankai hostel. Especially There is park near O river. So I enjoyed taking a walk in the morning. There was also a Lawson 100 yen store not even 500 meters from the hostel. I could easily buy what I wanted cheaply. (There are also another convenience stores located less than 100m away.) "Osaka Tenmangu shrine",a representative shrine of Oasaka, was located in a 600-meter radius based on the hostel. In fact, it was a hostel optimized for many walks of trip in Osaka. Had I been able to stay here longer, I think there would be a lot of fun travelling around here.