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Osaka hostel, Takai hostel which has the open air bath was attractive.

Travel in December, 2017

This hostel is where I last chose. I was fasatisfied with my stay at Tankai hostel. Of course, One of the things I was pleased with at this hostel was the open air bath.

Osaka hostel, Takai hostel

Location : The location of the Tankai Hostel was a good advantage.

Tankai Hostel is located in a residential area with many rodeways. However, it is quite different from the Japanese housing that we often think of. This is not a residential area of a two-storied house, so it is densely populated with high buildings such as apartments. Of course, there were many office buildings.

It was very close to Minami-morimachi Station (Subway) and Osaka Tenmangu Station (JR ).(Located within 300 ~ 500 meters) and Osaka, called the city of water, Everyone can easily walk to the O River from Tankai hostel. Especially There is park near O river. So I enjoyed taking a walk in the morning. There was also a Lawson 100 yen store not even 500 meters from the hostel. I could easily buy what I wanted cheaply. (There are also another convenience stores located less than 100m away.) "Osaka Tenmangu shrine",a representative shrine of Oasaka, was located in a 600-meter radius based on the hostel. In fact, it was a hostel optimized for many walks of trip in Osaka. Had I been able to stay here longer, I think there would be a lot of fun travelling around here.

Osaka hostel, Takai hostel

Room: I booked japanese style room (semi-double)

There was also a double room with a bunk bed. However, I wanted to stay in a Japanese style room. So I chose this room. This room was optimized for one person. Although this room can be booked for two people, it would be too small for two to use.

In addition, there are a triple room and a family room. Go to detailed page of Tankai hostel

Osaka hostel, Takai hostel

Mission Clear?! Japanese blanket, Futon.

There was futon, japanese blanket in the room. I read instructions " OK! I got it! " I tried to attempt at bedding. but I started to get confused in the middle. After thinking about it and I went to the reception desk. That's because there was a Korean employee at the time. When I arrived at the reception desk, I could saw Korean staff preparing to leaving for work. Oh, thank goodness!!!

I moved with him to my room. He explained to me about " Futon. " "Actually, you don't have to use blankets the way Instruction told you. You can use it as you please. First, put the mattress on the floor. Then, simply place a blanket over it. It's okay to use that. Or you can just use it without putting a Japanese styled cover on it. Of course, it's better to use it as " Futon ", but it's pretty stressful if you keep insisting on it. "

I arrived at my room with my staff. I said that I would like to use the original method as long as possible. "Oh, that's true. Since I'm in Japan now, it's fun to do so. If you look at the manual here, It tells you "How to make" with colors. Putting it on the floor is slightly more visible and a bit harder. And the other blanket is smooth. Here you see the blanket covering the pillow. (Oh, yes.) If you can distinguish these, you can make a pretty easy bedding."

After the help of the staff, I felt like I could do it myself. So I said, " Thank you. Now I think I might be able to do it." " Thank God. Now that you've sorted out, you'll do it soon. Also, please use this sheet as well. It doesn't matter if you don't use it, but these sheets are exactly the same as the ones in a nice hotel, so we're using them in our hostel. It feels good. Have a nice trip! Now I'm leaving for work! :D"

Thanks to the staff, I made it myself. If I was a staff member of this hostel, I would have straightened out perfectly without wrinkles. But I stayed alone in this room. Therefore, I wouldn't mind the folds of the covers.

Osaka hostel, Takai hostel
Osaka hostel, Takai hostel

Amenity: A towel mat, a towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair wax, Shiseido whip cleanser, hand cleanser

I forgot to bring my toothpaste & toothbrushes, so I bought them at the convenience store, but I didn't really have to. Because, this hotel provides toothpaste & toothbrushe for their guests. Cleanser was also not required to be packed, There was a Shiseido perfect cleansing foam at the public washbasin. There was even hair wax. (behind the sink there was a big window). It was perfect for getting the hair done in the sun. This hotel provides a towel generously. If you stay at TakaI hostel for 3 days, you can get a new towel every day for 3 days.