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Sekai Hotel, An empty house has turned into a place to live like locals. (Osaka trip)

Travel in December 2017

Sekai Hotel(@Nishikujo station) has a good modern renovations and well preserved the Japanese house structure.

As I was preparing for my trip to Japan, I saw a news article. The growing number of empty houses in Japan has long been a problem. But the news that buying such an empty house and then remodeling it to be a house for travelers was very impressive to me.

After four years of experience on Airbnb, I was interested in the type of accommodation that I could indirectly feel the local life. But, recently, a lot of problems occurred in Japan with Airbnb, and the Japanese government has become quite conservative in this type of accommodation. If you are planning to operate the airbnb in your apartment in Japan, you can do it only with the full permission of an apartment complex. We can tell by stance of Japanese government

What if the empty house is nicely rebuilt? What if the professional company manages it, not personally?! It would be a great deal to reduce the worries of travelers using this accomodation and convert it into an image of regional coexistence with sharing economy. The area that was willing to accept this was the Nishikujo district. Kujira Company, which is specialized in home improvement and repair, purchase vacant houses in Nishikujo and remodel a Japanese house. The company takes the form of a Japanese style by modifying its empty house in a modern way. And the house is managed by a professional company and rented to tourists. In other words, Airbnb's strengths were highlighted and supplemented by weaknesses.


The Sekai Hotel office is located in the residential area.

So how does this hotel operate? It is a hotel, but it was similar to private accommodation, but the operation process was different. The office of the Sekai Hotel is located on a large street in the residential area. It took less than 3 minutes to walk from Nishikujo station to the hotel office. It was not hard to find. It was not at all easy to think of an office in a large building. The office was no difference from the houses around it.

The Sekai Hotel office (Nishikujo) was a two-story.

ost of the houses in Japan are multi-storied, and this office used that Japanese style of structure. As I walked into the office, I was impressed by the pretty office. I left my luggage with the staff. And I looked around the office briefly while an employee scanned my passport. The first thing that caught my eyes was a wall of traditional drums of various sizes. The whole wall with the drums was fresh enough for me. An interior that reflected the Japanese style. Below that, we could see many people had kept their baggage.

Leave your luggage at the office, and the staff will check in and take it home. I was going to check in and move to Universal Studios in Japan. I was going to be late in the afternoon at Universal Studios in Japan. Before going to USJ, the clerk asked me if I would like to go with her to the house I was assigned to.

As I walked to my house, I talked various stories with my staff. The staff member I accompanied is good at English and, since I was Korean, we talked about Korea and Japan. She had experience learning Korean. And the conversation with her was dynamic because She knew a lot of Korean pop culture. As we talked about the differences between studying Korean and Japanese, and the memories of japanese drama.

There is my room in the residential area? No, my house is there!

The next day I took the time to walk around. It was a typical Japanese residential area. It is quiet here, and there is near Nishikujo Station. There were also many restaurants near the station. There were a small pharmacy to local supermarket, which we can usually see. This hotel doesn't serve breakfast, but it was the perfect place to visit and be curious about what kind of food the restaurant sells.

Then how can I find my house? It's simple. It is good to remember where your house is, and if you use SNS, you can get your home address through SNS (sometimes, employees send it via Google Map correctly). And if you really can't find it, you can go to the Sekai Hotel office. Because the staff goes with you personally and shows you the way. Of course, I chose the latter.

There is such a light golden sign among of houses. This sign means that the house is managed by Sekai Hotel.

Inside of Tsuki @ Sekai hotel

I had a lot of fun at USJ and went back to my house after dinner. Of course, I couldn't find my home in the dark, so I stopped by the SekaI Hotei office. The clerk tooke me to my house.

As soon as I got home, I found a new pair of slippers that I could comfortably wear and diffusers under the gentle lighting. And I found my red suitcase. I was delighted to be able to use the house all by myself. Because I liked it much more when I saw it in real life than when I saw it in pictures.

There was a small kitchen in the living room. The TV was good to watch because it was a good distance from the sofa. As soon as I entered the living room, I turned on the heater with the remote control. I had to heat up the air quickly. And I sat down and looked around this living room quietly in the sofa.

It was a typical Japanese house. A small, long style of multi-layer structure. Most Japanese homes had this style. This form has been redesigned. And the fact that this house is being provided for accommodation for strangers was interesting enough for me.

I was happy with double bed.

I went upstairs. Japanese houses have steep stairs in the two-story structure. I think it would be perfect if you were careful with this. There were two double beds upstairs. And the bedroom space was larger than I thought. I could sleep on any bed, but I chose a bed near the light., enjoyed the double bed by myself.

The dark brown blankets were very soft to the touch. This space seemed perfect for a party of about four. Of course, I didn't know, but I just booked myself; Sometimes it is fun to be alone and spend a lot of time in a four-person space.

I ate out most of the meals. So I could not use the kitchen here actively. Moreover, I have a lot of sleep in the morning. So I skipped my breakfast. I had a cup of tea briefly and then looked around the house. But I think this kind of kitchen is a good place to enrich traveling. Rather than just having a meal outside, it allows you to experience cooking and eat local fruits once or twice.

I loved the wide sink and soft, comfortable towels.

For the Amanity, shampoo, rinse, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and hand soap were ready. My favorite place in this house was the room with a washbasin. There was a small ladder, and it was very convenient to hang the necessary clothes and towels. The sink was wide so it was really convenient to use. It was only a short wait to use the hot water.

The Sekai Hotel is different from a regular hotel. Clearly, The Sekai Hotel is located in a quiet residential area. So you should be careful of noise. "In this area, there are lots of eldelry people. After 12AM, is time to sleep for thfem. please cooperate to be quiet on that time." I read advice that said be quiet past midnight. I could feel that I was in a different place than any other hotel.

※ If you want to spend the night in a bustle, the Sekai Hotel is not good place to stay for your trip. But if you don't want a trip that way, if you're a tourist who wants to visit the USJ early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and if you want to get into a local hotel, Sekai hotel is good choice for you.

This is my favorite chair. I felt more comfortable in this chair than on the sofa. Only one, this chair was in the living room. It was soft and flexible and felt great when I sat down. The seat is sloped over. So at first I felt strange when I was sitting down, I eased myself and leaned gently into the chair. This chair was really comfortable for me. Where can I buy this chair? I'd like to keep it in the corner of my room. :D

I could see one side of life for a while. At Nishikujo district.

The harmony between the residential area and Nishikujo station was great. It was a quiet residential area on foot, and a convenient transportation was waiting at Nishikujo Station. A house on the way to the side of the road, a cute decoration attracted my attention. It was not just a house. Every house had decorations that reflected the tastes of home owners. I could easily see the bicycle as a country of bicycles and met people who hurried to work in spite of the cold winter mornings. I was so pleased to see the mother and child headed to kindergarten holding their hand with gloves on. When I took out the camera from the alley where the small restaurants were lined, the man who was baking grilled chicken drumstick skewers looked at me. Maybe it was because it was Nishikujo, where strangers were rare. It would have been so far. Nishikujo was a popular destination for travelers, making transfers to the USJ. That's it. The neighbourhood hasn't had much to encounter with tourists. But from now on, willn't the view of Nishikujo be very different due to Sekai Hotel?

-------------------- INFO of Sekai Hotel @Nishikujo, Osaka --------------------

0. Sekai Hotel, Official Blog

1. Location: Five minutes walk from Nishikujō Station

2. Reservation: You can see the best dals for Sekai hotel(Tsuki) at Agoda,

Or You can compare hotel rates at HotelsCombined.

3. Other room of Sekai Hotel (various houses with different names @ Nishikujo): Momiji1, Momiji2, Ayame, Hanare, Botan, Mangetsu, Fuji

  • The designs and structures of their houses are all different. They are not registered for the OTA service in one hotel, but they registered each hotel separately. So, by referring to the link above, you can choose and stay house you want.

  • All housese which Managed by Sekai hotel were located five minutes ' walk from the office. It impressed me that each house was located between alleys.

4. How can you ask for anything you need during staying?

  • Of course, you can also walk to the office. :D

  • They are using Facebook Messenger actively. They not only utilize Facebook but also social networking sites channels. That is, if you are familiar with SNS, you may not find it uncomfortable to ask for something while staying in. (For your information, When I inquired of something via SNS, they answered faster than I thought.)

5. TIP:

  • While staying at the Sekai Hotel, I want you to ask the hotel staff to recommend a restaurant near the hotel. Then you will have fun discovering new restaurants.

  • I walked along several alleys of Nishikujo listening to music. I could see a lot of things on this alley. The reason why I recommend the Sekai Hotel is just that. Rather than prove your trip just by taking a photo and going to an obvious place, I would suggest the fun of "Enjoy your trip in the local alleys in Osaka"

>> Let's find your stay! <<

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