Sekai Hotel, An empty house has turned into a place to live like locals. (Osaka trip)

Travel in December 2017

Sekai Hotel(@Nishikujo station) has a good modern renovations and well preserved the Japanese house structure.

As I was preparing for my trip to Japan, I saw a news article. The growing number of empty houses in Japan has long been a problem. But the news that buying such an empty house and then remodeling it to be a house for travelers was very impressive to me.

After four years of experience on Airbnb, I was interested in the type of accommodation that I could indirectly feel the local life. But, recently, a lot of problems occurred in Japan with Airbnb, and the Japanese government has become quite conservative in this type of accommodation. If you are planning to operate the airbnb in your apartment in Japan, you can do it only with the full permission of an apartment complex. We can tell by stance of Japanese government

What if the empty house is nicely rebuilt? What if the professional company manages it, not personally?! It would be a great deal to reduce the worries of travelers using this accomodation and convert it into an image of regional coexistence with sharing economy. The area that was willing to accept this was the Nishikujo district. Kujira Company, which is specialized in home improvement and repair, purchase vacant houses in Nishikujo and remodel a Japanese house. The company takes the form of a Japanese style by modifying its empty house in a modern way. And the house is managed by a professional company and rented to tourists. In other words, Airbnb's strengths were highlighted and supplemented by weaknesses.