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Huge number of lanterns can make a spectacle. 2019 Busan Samgwangsa Lotus Lantern Festival

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Travel May 2019 Samgwangsa Temple is one of the most famous places in Busan. The Lotus Lantern Festival, which you can see right now, is a huge, huge number of lanterns with beautiful colors. The splendor begins in earnest after 7 p.m. As of May 12, 2019, the Samgwangsa Lotus Lantern Festival in Busan will no longer be seen this year. Despite not being a very good cell phone, the dark, vivid colored lantern could be taken with beautiful pictures.

Samkwangsa Address: 77 Choeupcheon-ro, Busan-Jin-gu, Busan ▶ SEE GOOGLEMAPS Contact: 051-808-7111

Period: 1st of APR ~ 12th of MAY Lantern Festival Time: Open until 3 A.M. # During the lantern festival, you can park in the surrounding elementary school late in the evening. The last day of May 12, elementary school is open until 11 p.m.

a variety of coloured lanterns decorated on numerous stairs.

Busan has many mountains, and Samgwangsa Temple is near the mountain. If you walk here, you can feel like walking on a hill. But this place is very steep and has high stairs, so it's not easy to walk. However, if you look at the lantern, it is fun to see the place if you walk slowly. On a crowded weekend evening. It was not easy to take a picture without people background. It took patience. Waiting for a moment without a person as long as possible, trying to snatch and shoot that moment. ^^

the alignment of a huge number of lanterns

After climbing the stairs, the lanterns, which cannot be counted, are arranged by color. Are all these lanterns simple ornaments? No. It is a lantern containing many people's wishes. The price depends on the size of the lantern, but many write down their wishes, wishes and wishes and hang them on the lantern. The sheer number felt enormous to me. It was a wonderful experience to see the lantern above my head. It seems certain that this is a landscape that is not easily seen anywhere in the world.

There were many different kinds of lanterns here. During this time, the festival will also hold a lantern festival at Song Sang-hyun Square in Busan. From various Buddhist images to Iron Man. You can see a variety of and very delicate designs with no restrictions on the type and scope there. In Samgwangsa Temple, lanterns with stronger Buddhist colors were displayed. Not only the dragon, but also the pretty elephant.

In the area surrounding the pagoda, the words "Bongchuk and Buddha's Birthday", were expressed in lanterns.

There were lanterns all over the way to the temple.

Isn't this the sea of Lantern?!

After climbing countless stairs, you can see a large square. Passing through the square, walk to the right around Daewoongjeon and you can see the tower. The picture above is a landscape you can see if you walk past the tower. It was like a sea of lanterns, arranged in color, as well as a small lantern surrounding the building. It was really spectacular, and beautiful enough to keep me taking pictures.

A large and small array of lanterns in various colors. The sight of countless lanterns, not just one or two, was really beautiful.

The 12th Statue I met on the way down

In a delicate expression, the twelfth was lit up. It was also fun to look for my year with an interesting expression. in Korea, there is a year of twelve zodiacal lands. For example, I was born in 1983. That year is the Year of the Pig. Therefore, I also express that I was born in the Year of the Pig. Many Koreans know animals that symbolize the year they were born. It is also expressed on behalf of one's age.

At the bottom of the article, There are the order of each animal and how it was arranged in English. The order is as follows: For example, 1983 is the Year of the Pig, and 1984 is the Year of the Rat. And the year before that, 1982 is the Year of the Dog. For fun, you can see which animal is symbolic of and see if its features resemble you.

Busan Samgwangsa Lotus Lantern Festival, which ends May 12.

Now we have to wait for next year to see this. If you are going to travel to Busan around this time next year, I would recommend you visit Samgwangsa Temple after 7 p.m. This place, which is admired by Koreans and foreigners, is a place where the religious color of Buddha's Birthday is deep and it is admired by people who have nothing to do with religion. So, why don't you visit it because it's no pressure? ^^

#1. What is the of Chinese Zodiac (in Korean, sip-i-ji-shin/ in Chinese Characers 十二支神)

the twelve gods who protect the earth, also called the ship-i-shin-jang(十二神將) or ship-i-shin-wang(十二神王). They have facial features such as tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, cows, monkeys, chickens, pigs, dogs, mice, and sheep in line with the 12th defense. This appears to have been strongly influenced by Taoist defense beliefs. It had a homogenous nature under the influence of Buddhism until Silla unified the three kingdoms, but after the unification of the three kingdoms, it changed its character as a mere defense god.

#2. The origin of order, sip-i-ji-shin?!

The exact origins of the twelve animal system remain unknown. However, legend has it that, once upon a time, the Jade King was bored, having nothing to do in Heaven. He did not see what was happening on Earth, as he had servants satiating his every wish and desire. He decided that he wanted to see the animals that inhabited the earth so he sent word to his advisors to bring him twelve animals (which he considered to be a good sampling.) The advisor first sent an invitation to the Rat, telling him to also bring the cat. The Rat's jealousy prevented the cat from actually receiving the invitation. Further invitations were sent on to the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Ram, the Monkey, the Rooster and the Dog, asking for their presence at the palace the following day. When they lined up in front of the king, he found that they numbered only eleven, instead of twelve as he had requested. The king sent his servant down to Earth to retrieve a twelfth animal. The servant ran into a man carrying a Pig, and he hastily grabbed it and delivered it to the king. The animals stood in front of the king in no particular order. The Rat, being smaller than the rest, hopped on the Ox's back and proceeded to play the flute. The king was very impressed by this display. He gave the Rat first place. Second place was given to the Ox for its good sportsmanship, and third was given to the Tiger, who appeared so courageous. The Rabbit was given fourth place, the Dragon fifth, the Snake sixth, the Horse seventh, the Ram eighth, the Monkey ninth, the Rooster tenth and the Dog eleventh. By default, and due to the king's just nature, twelfth place went to the Pig. After the ceremony concluded, the cat (who missed the invitation) begged the king to reconsider. He was told it was too late.

▶the order * [ ]This is an expression of Korean sounds in English.

[JA] Rat - [CHOOK] Ox(Cow) - [INN] Tiger - [MYO] Rabbit - [JIN] Dragon - [SA] Snake - [O] Horse - [MEE] Sheep - [SHIN] Monkey - [YU] Rooster - [SUL] Dog - [HAE] Boar(Pig)


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