A trip to Korea in the winter, a day trip on Udo, Jeju Island (Udo tour bus)

I found a cheap airline ticket for Jeju island. I was scheduled to leave Saturday and return on Monday morning with 60,000 won.(=$60) Since there was no reason why I should not go to Jeju Island, I paid my air ticket right away. And I worried. Where shall I go to Jeju Island. I never felt the necessity of a driver's license in my daily life. Because public transportation is quite developed in Busan which I live. However, it is a pity that I don't have a driver's license on my Jeju island trip.

I decided to go to Udo Maritime Park, famous for peanuts. I decided to spend my short weekend trip to Udo Maritime Park in Jeju Island. Udo Maritime Park, the largest island in Jeju, is a representative island of Jeju's tourist destination. You can look around the island by motorcycle or bicycle. But I decided to use a cheap tour bus. Since Jeju Island was so cold in December, I could not dare to ride a bike or motorcycle.