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A trip to Korea in the winter, a day trip on Udo, Jeju Island (Udo tour bus)

I found a cheap airline ticket for Jeju island. I was scheduled to leave Saturday and return on Monday morning with 60,000 won.(=$60) Since there was no reason why I should not go to Jeju Island, I paid my air ticket right away. And I worried. Where shall I go to Jeju Island. I never felt the necessity of a driver's license in my daily life. Because public transportation is quite developed in Busan which I live. However, it is a pity that I don't have a driver's license on my Jeju island trip.

I decided to go to Udo Maritime Park, famous for peanuts. I decided to spend my short weekend trip to Udo Maritime Park in Jeju Island. Udo Maritime Park, the largest island in Jeju, is a representative island of Jeju's tourist destination. You can look around the island by motorcycle or bicycle. But I decided to use a cheap tour bus. Since Jeju Island was so cold in December, I could not dare to ride a bike or motorcycle.

You can go to Udo Island with a shipping declaration form + Entrance fee to marine park+ ID card + materials for marine transport industry + boarding fee.

You can only go to Udo Island on Jeju Island by boat. If you want to go to Udo Island from Seongsanpo Port by boat, you have to pay not only for the ship but also for Entrance fee to marine park. (If Jeju residents present their ID card, Entrance fee to marine park are free.) When you buy a ticket of a ship to Udo, you must bring your ID card(or passport) and fill out the registration form. The boat is scheduled to sail between Udo port and Seongsan port every hour. if you are traveling on a day, the last thing you should know is the last departure time from Udo to Seongsan. When returning to the Sungsan Port from Udo, the last departur time vary from season to season. So you must check this out.

Timetable : Udo ↔ Seongsan(in KOR)

[Note 1] Charges 2018

(Based on adult standards) = 3,500 (ship rate) + 1,000 won (entrance fee to provincial park) + 500 won (terminal fee) = 5,000 won (one-way) / 8,500 won (return trip)

[Note 2] You must fill in two shipping reports. You need both when you go and return.

After moving for about 30 minutes, I arrived at udo port. It was cold winter, but the weather was clear. Thank goodness. I'm a person who thinks the weather is so important during traveling. So when the weather is not good, I feel very bad. Fortunately, the weather was clear that day. Yay!

Udo Tour Bus

There is a Udo Tour Bus, where you can easily sit and move to special places in Udo. I was very satisfied with it. So the next year(2015), my family could comfortably look around Udo Island by tour bus. If you get off at Udo Harbor and just look for a parking lot or something liek that, there is a small ticket office nearby. You can buy a bus ticket of Udo tour bus. The buses, which run every 30 minutes, can go good places of Udo. You can get off or on a bus that runs at 30-minute intervals per bus in certain areas. It was very convenient for me to use the bus.

1. Tickets : The Udo Tour Bus tickets are free tickets on a day. (not a single ticket) If you have this ticket, you can get on and off the bus anytime you want.

2. Prices : 5,000 Won for adults (starting from middle school) and 3,000 Won for elementary school children from 24 months (You can use credit card)

3. Start time: The starting time varies depending on the place of departure. So, you should use udo tour bus with time reference.

- Udobong : 20min/50min past every hour on the hour (last departure at 17:00)

- Gummale beach : 00min/30min past every hour on the hour (Last Start Time 17:20)

- Hagosudong: 5min/ 35 min past every hour on the hour (Last start time 17:25)

- Hongjodangui : 15min/ 45min past every hour on the hour (17:45 last departure time)

* The starting time is a 30-minute interval. So, if you travel each place every 30 minutes or 1 hour, you can get on the bus conveniently without waiting for Udo Tour Bus.

4. Note : Udo Tour Bus has signs on the front window of the bus to distinguish whether it is a individual tour or a group tour. You should get on a bus called individual tour. When you get on the Udo tour bus which has the sign written by individual, You can listen to good explanation from bus drivers like a tour guide in each area.