Nagano Prefecture, Tenryu River Boat Tours in the rapids (Japanese activity)

Travel in June 2018 Tenryu River is the fourth longest river in Japan, where you can feel clean nature along with dense forests. when I got on board, I could see a lot of hawks, dense but fresh trees, and the ducks. It's called rapids, but when I saw the Tenryu River at the starting point, I wondered if there was a rapids. By reading this to the end you can see that the rapids are stronger than you think. My camera was almost destroyed by the swift current. I did activity that is popular in Nagano Prefecture. The weather was nice, so I thought sailing would be fun, but when I got on the ship, the weather was very hot.

Be sure to take a towel or buy it as a souvenir.

As soon as I arrived, there was a way into the souvenir shop, so I thought it was the wrong way, but it was right. People looked at the souvenirs because they had unique items. The item I recommend is a towel. I wish you could have a towel in advance, but if not, I recommend buying one here. Water splashes more than I thought when i was in a boat.

The most popular souvenir shop was Photo Zone. There were actually miniatures of ships, and there were many installations to be photographed, so it quickly turned into a popular place.