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Nagano Prefecture, Tenryu River Boat Tours in the rapids (Japanese activity)

Travel in June 2018 Tenryu River is the fourth longest river in Japan, where you can feel clean nature along with dense forests. when I got on board, I could see a lot of hawks, dense but fresh trees, and the ducks. It's called rapids, but when I saw the Tenryu River at the starting point, I wondered if there was a rapids. By reading this to the end you can see that the rapids are stronger than you think. My camera was almost destroyed by the swift current. I did activity that is popular in Nagano Prefecture. The weather was nice, so I thought sailing would be fun, but when I got on the ship, the weather was very hot.

Be sure to take a towel or buy it as a souvenir.

As soon as I arrived, there was a way into the souvenir shop, so I thought it was the wrong way, but it was right. People looked at the souvenirs because they had unique items. The item I recommend is a towel. I wish you could have a towel in advance, but if not, I recommend buying one here. Water splashes more than I thought when i was in a boat.

The most popular souvenir shop was Photo Zone. There were actually miniatures of ships, and there were many installations to be photographed, so it quickly turned into a popular place.

Explanation of safety rules before boarding is mandatory Although it begins as a common river, this stream leads to the Tenryu Valley. The stream is much stronger than expected there, so it is also the highlight of this boating. Therefore, Understanding safety rules is necessary. Before boarding, you should listen to the instructions regarding safety rules and how to wear a life jacket. The life jacket automatically swells up when you falls into the water. After finishing all the explanations, I wore a life jacket and moved to the boarding place. The explanation seems to be a little less than 20 minutes. (That's what I feel.)

This sunny picture means very hot weather. Therefore, I really recommend wearing a hat or at least a towel. Even in winter, you can enjoy boating here, which is very warm with a heating apparatus(called Kotatsu in Japanese) on it, and the rapids are not strong. There is a nice boat play in the summer, but after hearing the story, the boat play in winter would be pretty cool.

The Japanese are kind. When the ship starts to leave, they wave to us until we're all gone. They didn't just shake a few times and disappear. They kindly explain to the customer even anything small and keep smiling. They bow to their customers until they see their customers. Every time I see them, every time I visit such Japan, it's amazing.

When the ship departs, the hawks follows. It's not long since the ship left, and there was a very big hawk flying over heads. I didn't know if it was a hawk or an eagle. But seeing how fast it was, I guess it was a hawk. You can buy snacks at souvenir shops. For that reason, as many as five or six of them came toward our ship, not one or two more. I wanted to throw every snack far away, but the snacks that I threw were thrown into the river. Sorry Hawks!

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