2019-08 AUG, AGODA promotional code (5~10% discount code)

*This can be terminated early without notice.*

1. 10% discount code for worldwide: 5RDSWUY ① Discount code can be applied when booking until August 31, 2019. Click here to apply discount code when booking hotels, resorts, and guest houses in all regions 2. Discount code for each region Click here to reserve a hotel/resort/guest house for a discount in the area below. ① Moscow Hotel 5% off Promotional Code : MOSCOW (~08.02) ② Miami Hotel 5% off Promotional Code: MIAMI (~08.01) ③ Seoul Hotel 10% off Promotional Code: SEOUL (~08.13) ④ Seattle Hotel 8% off Promotional Code: SEATTLE (~08.07) ⑤ Vancouber Hotel 5% off Promotional Code: VANCOUVER (~08.05)

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