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Travel Trend in Korea 2017 : How can the travel industry make smarter Korean travelers a customer?

Travel Trend in Korea in 2017

It is not easy to have vacation for most Koreans from work. Most Koreans who work in the company are given very short vacation, but they can not enjoy it comfortably. The Korean economy, which grew rapidly in a short time, was driven by long hours of work. Although today's young Koreans are moving away from this type, most middle-aged(and old aged) Koreans are still familiar with it.


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TRIP chosen as balance between work and life

They also now realized the need to find a balance between work and life in order to better their lives. As a result, Koreans recently travel more frequently and travel periods are longer. They chose to travel as one of the ways to find a balance in their lives. Each year, the number of people leaving Incheon Airport is growing fast.(following reference1) In Korea, We can hear the news eaisily that the number of people leaving Incheon Airport is the highest ever since Incheon Airport opened.

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Air Busan, LCC Airline in Korea ▲

The way Koreans travel has changed a lot.

In the early days when Koreans begin to travel abroad, it was mostly difficult to get information about the trip abroad, Unlike now, many of Korean LCC airlines were almost nonexistent at the time. So, it was common for Koreans to go on package tours via travel agencies. However, many of them were not satisfied with package tours, so Young Korean travelers began to gather information about travel through the Internet. And as LCC airlines continue to launch in different cities in South Korea, the cost of transportation has begun to get cheaper.(following reference2) Of course, Koreans still choose to go on a package tour when they travel abroad. However, you can see that among Koreans, courses about FIT, Guide books, and a review by travel bloggers are popular. That means more and more people want to choose FIT and are already choosing them. For a long time, Koreans have accumulated experience of travel in various ways. It was a package tour, FIT, and halfway between package tours and FIT. However, no matter what the method was, Koreans have also been able to relieve stress and enjoy healing in their lives by traveling.

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  • [Rrelated article] [Forecast 2018] Airline flight - Boom the demand for passengers & Reduce the burden of oil -Traveltimes KOR VER.: Korea`s proportion of international passenger transportation by LCC rose to 19.6 percent in 2016. And in 2017, it was the biggest growth ever. By October 2017, LCC has accounted for 25.9 percent of Korea`s international passenger traffic. If this trend continues, in 2018, domestic LCC airlines are forecast to account for 30 percent of Korea`s total international passenger transportation.

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Let's think about the big data from KTO.

A recent domestic tourism trend analysis that combines opinions from the Korea Tourism Organization, social big data and tourism experts can help us understand trends in Korean overseas travel. As a result, South Koreans ' traveling trend in 2017 has become very sensitive. Then, they chose to travel in a way that would help them balance their lives and work. So they experienced moments different from being with someone else all the time, enjoyed traveling as a daily routine, and chose travel as their extension of their lives. Koreans shared the experience of travel with acquaintances and strangers. They made a reasonable journey through moderate spending. And they chose travel as a means of gift to theirselves as a value consuming.

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From the big data of Korea Tourism Organization(=KTO), There are five keywords for 2017 Korean travel trend. These five keywords are the combined opinions of social and portal media experts in the big data analysis and tourism sector over the past two years. Among them, two keywords can explain Koreans ` overseas travel style in 2017.

  1. Enjoy daily life as if you were traveling or travelling as if you were in a daily life

  2. Travel Alone