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Clean interior and a tub in front of the windows! GREET IN Kaohsiung hotel(Delux Double Room) + Sn

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Travel in May 2019

The most oasis-like space for me in the hot weather was the hotel. The hotel my brother chose, not used to traveling, made all of my family feel very satisfied. Price, service, sanitation, hotel facilities were all very satisfying. In particular, the hotel was spacious and staff friendly.


The lobby of this hotel was neat. Though the space was not very large, it was a good place to rest and open space. There are no more than 100 rooms in this hotel. It's hard to feel the complexity of a large hotel here. If you're a tourist who doesn't like to be busy, this place might be perfect.

I got a mask pack gift when I checked in.

When checking in to the lobby, the staff asked how many women there were in total. We had a total of three adult women. The hotel staff gave us a mask pack as a present to celebrate Mother's Day. It was very moist when I used it myself. YEAH~!

The hotel staff told us that we had arrived an hour earlier than check-in time and that all rooms were ready at the hotel, so we could go straight into the room. Thanks to staff, we were able to move our luggage right into the room without waiting for an hour. Thanks to the payment of all room rates in advance, no deposit was needed. (It was a room without a minibar/with a refrigerator.) The employees' English proficiency was excellent, and the service handling method was fast and good.

In fact, this space was much wider than the picture.

A spacious space with a clean interior.

We reserved a basic room, but I was assigned the best room. Of course, the staff gave us three room keys and we picked the keys randomly on our own. Luckily, my room is a little bigger! We booked the same "Deluxe Double Room" for all the rooms.

I loved my room when I went up to the 15th floor and shouted "Olle~" as soon as I entered the room. The spacious guest room had a neat structure, and the bathroom in the favorite bathtub was separated into another space. It was a very satisfying space and structure even if I spent a few days or days here. I booked a reservation for USD65 per night (using discount code) but it was too attractive for USD65. If the space were in Hong Kong, we probably would have had to pay close to USD200 to USD300. What a fascinating thing to do with Kaohsiung!

# Room information

- Guest Rooms: Deluxe Double Bedroom

- Size: 30m²

- View: Cityview

- Layout: 1 double bed

- Composition: Mirror, washbasin, towel, hair dryer, Wi-Fi (free/full room), satellite broadcast/cable broadcasting, telephone, linen, morning call service, flip-flops, alarm clocks, air conditioners, refrigerators, coffee/ tea makers, desks, rest areas, closet, fire detector, swab, brush, toothbrush, etc.

▶ How to book the rooms at the Greet Inn Kaohsiung hotel at the lowest prices is below this article.