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Saipan, snorkeling points: Grotto and East Bay.

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It was snorkeling that I was excited about the trip to Saipan for the first. At the same time, It required a lot of stamina. I planned to do the first snorkeling in Grotto and the second in Managaha, but I didn't. The reason why I didn't snorkel on Managaha Island, where anyone would visit, was because I snorkeled in East Bay instead. And I was very satisfied with my choice.

Notes Before snorkeling

1. You need a guide to keep you safe.

Snorkeling is the most popular maritime activity, and can be enjoyed without having to be a swimming or diving veteran. With just one snorkeling device and a life jacket, people who are not familiar with water can float on the water and peep into the sea. Of course, you should be familiar with safety guidelines, and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. Beginners who are not familiar with water are not likely to be familiar with such safety, so it's better to snorkel with a team with the person who is responsible for your safety. In particular, such safety guards are essential in areas where the environment itself is rough (such as rough waves or deep sea).

▶ I wrote the contents "How to make a reservation for snorkeling with the guard" under article.

2. It is a matter of choice, but you should recognize the sun screen that you put on can kill coral.

After realizing that sunscreen components were deadly to coral, I snorkelled without sunscreen. I will summarize the details of this at the bottom of this writing. I thought this article would be a cosmetic story, not a travel story, so I put it at the bottom of the story.

3. Never snorkeling by yourself

It is safe to snorkle in places where there are many people. In case of an accident, you should be able to get help. In places where the current is strong or the waves are rough, even veterans can find it difficult to support themselves. Make sure to check for being safety guards and snorkels in these places.

4. Snorkeling requires more strength than you think.

It is also good to prepare sweet foods to eat after snorkeling. M

5. Avoid feeding the fish you encounter during snorkeling.

When you bring meal for fish and go into the water, many fish gather, but this method has a bad effect on the sea. It not only pollutes the area of entry but also reduces the number of natural feeding activities of fish.

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Grotto Cave

- Address: Grotto Dr, Saipan 96950, CNMI

- Hours: 10AM–5PM

Upon arriving at the hotel early in the morning, I set off for Grotto Cave, forcing myself to stay awake. When I arrived at Grotto Cave, I really felt that I had come to Saipan for a trip and could not hide my excitement.

When I planned this trip, the most curious thing about the trip was the cobalt water in Grotto Cave. When many people plan their trip to Saipan, Managaha island is the first place to visit. But I wasn't interested in snorkeling on the shallow beaches of the white sand. I wanted to explore deep water though I couldn’t swim. And I thought Grotto Cave would be the best place to experience deep water.

parking lot of Grotto cave

Snorkeling in grotto caves is not personally possible. At the entrance to the Grotto Cave (+parking grounds), there were guards, who blocked personal approach. The reason was simple: Safety problems. Grotto Cave is a place where waves are strong and water changes frequently, so only teams with safety guides could enter and enjoy snorkeling or diving. Guards don't restrain individuals if they're just looking. But if you're going to enter by yourself with snorkeling equipment, the guards will come running and talk to you. "Are you here alone? Do you have a guide?" In fact, I have witnessed this situation several times. I have translated between a Korean and a guard who is not good at English. Among them, I translated for a Korean who couldn't speak English.


No Lifeguard

Enter at own risk

Guided access recommended

Use extreme caution

Conditions change rapidly