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Arrived at Hongkong, eating and eating!: Pierre Herme (IFC Mall), grilled skewers, Pret a manger and

Travel for March 2017

I always eat a lot when I travel to Hong Kong. I ate some food at Gimhae international airport, on the plane, when I arrived, and ate until I slept. The flight schedule of Hong Kong Express, which always leaves Busan, was to arrive in Hong Kong late in the afternoon. So I chose to use vague time to eat delicious Hong Kong food!

Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge
Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge

First of all, let's eat since I'm hungry. @ Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge

I used to go to Korean air lounge mostly on international flights at Gimhae Airport. Because I like salmon sandwiches and cup noodles there! With the recent opening of the Sky Hub lounge at Gimhae Airport , I moved to the Sky Hub lounge. It was not much larger than the Korean air lounge, but There is plenty to eat. Korean meal is available, There is good dessert. Moreover, it was a sunny place through the window, so I loved it there.

As soon as I entered the lounge, I chose bibimbap, Rosetta pasta, and a dessert. I talked with my cousion, arranging duty-free goods and ate all my food. While waiting in the lounge, I suddenly remembered my mistake. Ah ...I did not get Hongkong dollar that I exchanged money through cyber exchange in advance from KEB Hana Bank. That is, I did not have any Hong Kong dollar at the time! I was surprised and hurried to ask the lounge employee how to get out of the security area. But the clerk told me that a person who had already entered the departure area would have to have a guarantee of an airline employee to leave the security area again. I looked for another option, but as the time approached, the Hong Kong Express staffs were unable to accompany me out of the security area. I had to give up. Instead ... I decided to lend some money from my cousin. As my cousin had exchanged enough Hong Kong dollar, I transferred my account with Korean money after traveling.

My Love, Pret a Manger @ Hong Kong, Chek Lap Kok International Airport

After arriving at Chek Lap Kok Airport, I first arrived via automatic immigration channel, E-Channel, and my cousin had to wait quite a while in the general screening area. There were a lot of people. Having no money in Hong Kong, I had to wait for my cousin to come out. I had dim sum in-flight meal, the signature of Hong Kong Express, but it was not enough. (I knew I had a lot at the Sky Hub lounge at Gimhae Airport.) Having begun to feel hungry, I could do nothing but wait until my cousin came to the airport. I sent her a message, waiting for her to come out quickly. (-Are you still? -Uh! becaus of lots of people.)

As soon as I found my cousion, I ran to Pret a Manger with her. There was short of My favorite baguette sandwich. I was forced to buy wrap sandwiches, salads, desserts and drinks instead of baguette sandwiches. I was hungry that time, so I sat down anywhere in Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok Airport and ate them.

I like Pret a Manger. Whenever I went to Hong Kong, I always visited there. I don't like baguettes because they're hard. But I like baguette sandwiches here because they are very chewy. Why is it so delicious in my mouth if it is just cheese and tomato basil? A strange place!

Travel to Hong Kong, 2014 : Fresh sandwich shop, IFC Mall Pret a manger (in KOR)

I have to buy a macaroon! @ Pierre Herme IFC mall.

We went to IFC Mall by AEL. The reason was simple. There was something to buy. Visiting Hong Kong, many Korean buy cookies of Jenny''s Bakery But I don't think that cookies of Jenny's Bakery is delicious. I would rather buy a cookie of Kee Wah Baekry with a shape of a penguin or panda on it that is cheap and tasty.

My cousin said that she should go to Pierre Herme! I heard she need to buy a macaroon. At IFC Mall, Kee Wah Baekry and Pierre Herme were right next door. In a small shop, Pierre Herme, Macaron was displayed with a variety of colors and flavors. Wow, I found out that there are so many macarons, and I have never seen such expensive ones before.

If the customer selects macaron on display, the employee puts the macaroon case in it. I guess there was about 20 different kinds. I didn't like the sweet taste too much, so I looked casually around the inside, but my cousin's eyes glittered. When preparing for a trip to Hong Kong, I asked her where she wanted to see Hong Kong, and she said,

- Where do you want to go if you are in Hong Kong?

- Pierre Herme!

- What is it? (I didn't know Pierre Herme.)

- It's a famouse dessert shop, and signiture is macaroon. I heard that It's expensive but delicious. I'm going to buy it for sure!