Arrived at Hongkong, eating and eating!: Pierre Herme (IFC Mall), grilled skewers, Pret a manger and

Travel for March 2017

I always eat a lot when I travel to Hong Kong. I ate some food at Gimhae international airport, on the plane, when I arrived, and ate until I slept. The flight schedule of Hong Kong Express, which always leaves Busan, was to arrive in Hong Kong late in the afternoon. So I chose to use vague time to eat delicious Hong Kong food!

Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge
Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge

First of all, let's eat since I'm hungry. @ Gimhae International Airport Sky Hub Lounge

I used to go to Korean air lounge mostly on international flights at Gimhae Airport. Because I like salmon sandwiches and cup noodles there! With the recent opening of the Sky Hub lounge at Gimhae Airport , I moved to the Sky Hub lounge. It was not much larger than the Korean air lounge, but There is plenty to eat. Korean meal is available, There is good dessert. Moreover, it was a sunny place through the window, so I loved it there.