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Osaka, Rabbit cafe where you can see a pretty rabbit/ Usagi cafe

Travel for December 2017

The owner of the small cafe have a rabbit in her heart. The owner lets the customers show her pretty rabbit. This is the rabbit cafe(Usagi cafe) in Osaka where I visited. It's the most distinctive thing that we can easily know kind of an animal cafe, but the name is " Rabbit Cafe ", so many people can imagine that there are many rabbits here.

Before I arrived here, I didn't know exactly business hours and Last oder time of Rabbit Cafe(Usagi cafe). Arriving at the Kansai airport, I arrived downtown after dark. Is the rabbit cafe still open? Although I did not know exactly, I just decided to visit the Osaka rabbit cafe. The lucky thing was that I arrived at the end of the last business hours.


To Koreans, the Nakazakichō area is known as the Cafe Street, so Koreans think many local cafes line up in a row, but it is actually a residential area. There are small cafes between the houses. It is different from the commercial district.

It was not easy to take pictures in the dark. Only streetlights lighted up when it got dark. So if you are an amateur photographer like me, you won't be able to gather enough light to take some pictures, so the photos will be shaking. The pictures were not very good.

Usagi Cafe @ Nakazakicho station

I pushed the door sideways. The door was not slightly smooth. As soon as the door opened, the bell rang, and the owner welcomed me with a warm smile.

※ Usagi means Rabbit in Japanese.

There was a playgorund for rabbit on the left of the entrance. The black rabbit was playing with straw without a break. The rabbit dug up the straw pile and drove it to one side. In the deep spot, the rabbit lay on his(or her?) belly and looked at the guests for a while. The black rabbit was so cute.

P.S. Ah, this rabbit is sometimes on vacation, too. If you don't want to visit here during vacation of rabbit, It is most accurate to ask the owner of the café for a rabbit vacation date.

A small cafe with a tatami room

Inside the rabbit cafe, it was really small. One table with a small chair and the other is the way to sit on the floor of Tatami. So, Looking for a review of the Osaka Rabbit Cafe, it was easy to find that there were guests who queued up to enter the rabbit cafe or gave up. Tatami is a familiar room for people who travel to Japan frequently. The space on the tatami is attractive to provide a cool summer floor. In winter, it provides a floor that is not too cold. The charm of duplicity is the attraction of tatami rooms.

The cafe owner brought me a menu with a glass of water. However, I did not need to see the menu. Because I've already set up the menu. I showed her a capture screen(by my smartphone) which I've already chosen menu( The reason why I captured the picture of the menu was because I didn't know the name). The cafe owner taught me what menus I ordered.