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A small local cafe in Osaka, 50 cafe @Miyakojima Station

Travel for December 2017.

  • A small local cafe, 50cafe in Osaka, I found while walking along the road.

Walking around Raku hostel, I looked around many places. I also reached the O river, and I walked in the opposite direction, near Miyakojima station. There wouldn't have been many tourists visiting here. Because there are no famous tourist attractions around here. However, because it was near the subway station, business district wase developed. So, there were many local cafes and local restaurants not known to tourists in the alley or along the street than I thought. The small local cafe I visited was just like that.

  • 50cafe @Miyakojima station, Osaka

The name of the cafe was unusual. Why the number 50? Now that I think about it, I don't know why I didn't ask the cafe owner why the name originated. I never meant to ask, although I have this question. A small white building by the side of the road. It was a cafe in a two-story building. I was curious about the inside because I couldn't see from the outside. I was full since I had already breakfast. So I went to 50 cafe to have a light dessert.

  • Inside of 50cafe

As soon as I entered the cafe, I could see the cute interior. This is a small space, so it is easy to see the kitchen (open kitchen). It had bar and table spaces, There were three or four tables to sit on. I visited here alone and sat down in bar. What should I order? After looking at the menu, I ordered blue tea, which is a unique name, and pointed to it with my finger as a dessert. (The menu was in Japanese, so I didn't know the name of the dessert I ordered.)

In the meantime, I looked around the cafe. It is getting close to lunchtime. There are more and more visitors to 50 cafe. It was so popular that it filled with people in 50 cafe. There were also two floors, but I could not take pictures there. So I took a few pictures mainly of the first floor.

At night, 50 cafe turns into a small bar. It was a cafe with various purposes. This is a cafe that offers breakfast and lunch menu, dessert and tea. But at night it seemed like the host turned into a nice, friendly smiling bartender. The next time I get a chance, I feel like I want to taste a cocktail he made here.

The bottles you can see in the picture are standing in the kitchen. In other words, you can easily see the kitchen. Naturally open kitchen. It was exactly how food was prepared and cooked.

The impressive thing about this cafe is that the shapes and chairs at each table were different. There were no identical tables, and there were no identical chairs in sets. Ununiform chairs and tables somehow matched this cafe. This atmosphere was unique enough for me.

After looking around the cafe, I started talking to owner of 50 cafe. He said He can not speak English. And he gently told me what he wanted to say through the translator. I could feel his kindness through his words in the translator. It was a family cafe. It opened last August and was trying to provide all of its food and desserts as possible handmade. Of course, not all menus are handmade. But most of the food they cook themselves and then, It was provided to the customer. (It turns out that many cafes often serve frozen desserts by instant heating them.)

  • The tea and dessert I chose were served.

I knew what I had done when I was served. Is this chocolate cake? Gyato? I don't know. It was just that I wanted something sweet to eat, so it was perfect. The tea was memorable. Its name is blue tea, and it is a blend of leaves and petals. The smell was not strong and the taste was soft. This tea was always the kind of tea that could be enjoyed lightly. I don't like tea with too strong a scent. Therefore, this tea was perfect for me. So I bought these tea bags! It tasted just like the ones I had when I brought it to Korea. I just like it.

As I was eating dessert, owner of 50 cafe asked me. (By translation machine, of course) he asked me how it tasted. I felt the texture and strong chocolate taste. He said, " It was a handmade product made by my oldest daughter. " They also make and sell most of the desserts they can. Without his explanation, I might have mistaken it for a product offered in cooperation with a nearby bakery.

Having tea and dessert in this cafe, I had a conversation with him and his sencond daughter. And I had a conversation with his friend who came to have lunch. The person sitting next to me was a friend of him, and the owner of the 50 cafe explained it to me, saying, " This friend of mine comes to our cafe often. " So we could say hello to each other, talk to each other! As time went by, more customers continued to enter. The host, busy with orders for lunch, always welcomed the guest with a benign smile.

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed Japanese dramas. The unique material that was rare in Korea at the time was also impressive. And I didn't think there would be much difference from Korea, but I was wrong. The new culture of Japan was fresh to me. And material was various and I liked some Japanese actors very much. In other words, the reason why I consumed Japanese drama was mixed with many reasons. Among the dramas, it was good to see local people using cafes to talk and share stories with each other. And I felt as if I were in a scene of such a drama in this cafe

▲ This picture of Roast bee with rice from Official website of 50 cafe (Go to menu) ▲

  • Signature of 50 cafe that I didn't have : Roast beef with rice

The sad thing about being here is that I was full. I wanted to eat a roast beef with rice. A friend of the 50 Cafe owner who was sitting next to me ordered a roast beef with rice for lunch. It looked delicious. Perhaps I would have ordered it if I hadn't full. I asked him how it tasted, and he said he loved eating it here! I'll order a roast beef next time!

- Alice's tip -

There may be a difference between the popular Roast beef with rice to the local people and the Roast beef with rice we like. There is a different personal preference for soft-boiled egg and hard-boiled egg with beef, especially when it comes to beef with eggs. Therefore, before ordering, ask staff for soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs to customize your preference.

50 Cafe was selling a variety of blending tea with a cute character package. I could buy here by the piece. So I bought somer. Some tea was from Kyoto so it was perfect for a gift. Of course, I bought it for myself.

Although the second floor of the 50 cafe could not be photographed, the same café and restaurant is operated in the second floor. However, if there is anything different from the first floor, handmade products were displayed on the second floor.(Of course, there is also a table on the second floor.) Each of them was very impressive with their own cute items. And toilet, I went to wash my hands, and the washbasin which is neat and tidy with the sunlight that come in the window was very nive. Wherever we go, the harmony of the sun and green plants seems to be the best.

The reason why I have categorized this cafe as one of my warm and friendly Cafe Tour is the atmosphere within the cafe. 50 Cafe was more alive than a soft atmosphere. However, this was not known to tourists (since there were no tourist attractions nearby), so it was a popular destination for local residents by menu and word of mouth. So, it was the typical Osaka local cafe that we expected or wanted to feel. The whole family was involved in running this cafe. It provides various workshop information for local residents. And it was the kind of place to talk. On the day that I was in, the grandmother who was ill and the grandfather who helped her move entered the cafe. The owner of 50 cafe quickly ran to them and helped them in. And they helped us to sit comfortably at the table. 50cafe was full of stories and friendly.

- INFORMATION <50cafe @ Osaka> -

  • Add: 2 Chome-9-14 Miyakojimahondōri, Miyakojima-ku, 都島区 Ōsaka-fu 534-0021 Japa

  • Tel: +81 6-7710-8319

  • Business hour: 11:00-22:00

  • SNS/Website: Official Website, Official Facebook

  • About Breakfast Menu in 50 cafe: The official website said nothing about breakfast. It is the time to sell breakfast menus only from 09:30-11:00 in 50 cafe. Breakfast is served mainly on toast, and the price is about 500 yen.

- Alice's tip -

If you communicate via Facebook, you can communicate in English. However, as communication in English is not easy at the cafe, you can talk smoothly in Japanese or with cell phone translators.


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